Encore Escape Entertainment Grid Worth Your Virtual Time, Large Venues, Owners Present, Great Landscapes


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Tony Lerner encore all saint's ballroom_009

All Saint’s Ballroom is spacious, unique and frequently attended.


Real life family responsibilities and more work have navigated me away from virtual world exploration. Though I do manage to sneak away to SL and other grids that offer beautiful landscapes, wonderful entertainment, friendship and more.

Encore Escape is one of a handful of virtual worlds that I’ve booted up. What I’m looking for is a sense of community, like a small town, where everyone knows your name. Where people respect their fellow residents. And land doesn’t cost a week’s worth of your real life paycheck.

One world that I found that deserves your virtual attention is ENCORE ESCAPE. Now, if you know Potlatch Fogarty you have some idea what you’re dealing with. He’s one of ten owners devoting their free time to creating a world they can be proud of.

I hope to take pictures of some of the open sim worlds. For now, I’ll introduce you to Encore. Do find the time to check out the rental community. Island homes are only 250GBs a week for 2,500 prims. (Encore Rental Office, Tropical Rental (537, 597, 21)

Encore in the building stages. Everything is well thought out and they are open to suggestions. The above photo of All Saint’s Ballroom shows you the detail of their formal venue.


Upper tier of All Saint’s Ballroom.

Sunday night, after Melody McDonnell’s performance Tony Learner took the stage. Actually had me blushing with the song he dedicated to me.

Enjoying the songs.

Ms. Ember was attended dressed in a beautiful gown.

Don’t they look great together?



News is that George Mureaux is opening a venue on Genesis soon. Will keep you posted. He’s dancing with Mystree who works in the Entertainment dept.


Upscale Elegance of Furniture by Phillip Talisman


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theory-10-1_015ryanlerch-decorative-letter-set-10FIRST LEARNED about Phillip Talisman’s upscale furniture while searching for coffee shops. After teleporting to several, I learned about Dagger Bay. While the majority of the sim is privately owned, I found that non-residents were invited to sit down on the white slip-covered couch up against the black polka dotted pillows. Here I found a number of items created by Philip through this THEORY product line. With one click on his profile, I landed in his store in Bay City. Clearly, he has an eclectic selection representing retro chic to Antique, Rustic and Country French. When he agreed to an interview, I was eager to learn not only what brought him to Second Life, but what inspired him to create his furniture and accessories. It was Saturday night, Bay City was veiled in a quiet cloak and so we sat back and talked.

Phillip explained that like numerous other users, he began playing in another virtual world. In Utherverse, he designs clothing, hair and avatars. Curiosity led him to Second Life in the fall of 2012. For the first year, he enjoyed the social aspect of the game and did not focus on content creation.

“While doing that, I learned to create the things I needed or wanted for my homes,” he said. “It’s amazing how it has all evolved just in the short time I’ve been on. I started with prims and learned more about mesh as I went along. I still love working with prims. It still has a real look in some applications. Mesh has been wonderful for minimizing land impact.”

Phillip opened his first store late in 2014. After several locations, he opened a small gallery on the very western edge of Bay City. He began creating tables, plants, artwork of an eclectic nature. He admits that he will continue with furniture as he loves decorative objects as well as adding dramatic lighting and depth to his vignettes. He feels that providing a contemporary flair is a must. Decor needs to feel up-to-date, he said, and he tends to create things that he enjoys in real life. He’s been at his current location in Bay City for the last six months.

“Some of these objects are replicas of an object in my real home,” he said, adding that he resides in Alabama. “My family had a furniture business associated with design and interiors. So it comes natural to me. It comes from what I’ve learned from the business and I have very talented friends here who really inspire me,” he admitted.

Phillip has a mailing list kiosk next to the entrance so patrons do not have to use one of their precious limited slots.

Asked what his most popular selling objects were, he replied, case pieces and lamps. Lighting brings everything to life and it’s essential for any great space, said Phillip.

“I am almost always working on something. An idea or improving what I’ve made previously,” said Phillip. “I’m currently working on a stereo system. I have a few details to finish up on it. I do keep a workspace. I have platforms where I might need wide camera angles, but I also have workrooms here in Bay City.”

Philip may take business seriously, but he always remembers that it’s also a gaming experience and the goal is for everyone to help each other have a wonderful time on Second Life.

Below is a sampling of his store THEORY – Bay City – Molesworth.


Chinese Chippendale, Bonsai in pot, Oxblood vase, Chinoiserie Secretary, Water Lilies oil painting, bronze Budha, potted tree.


Framed Engraving 1 & 2, Bronze Garland Lamp, Louis VI Black Chest with Marble Top, Tall Bonsai, Louis Black Chest with Bail Pull.


Pine Cupboard with Vintage Yellow Ware Bowls, Architectural Print Candlesticks, Dough Bowl, Pine Farm Table, Candles in Wicker Tray, Wicker Trunk.


Framed Caucasus Rug, Pot of White Flowers, French Ormolu Photo Frame, Rococo Photo Frame and Directoire Buffet.



Contemporary Display Case, Super Hero Print, Old Wooden Finial Gray, English Chest on Barley Twist Legs, Talisman Cane back chair.


Embossed Metal Art Pacific, Blue and White Porcelain Lamp, Porcelain Pot of White Flowers, Dagger Bay Sideboard, Dagger Bay Sideboard four drawer, Chipped Blue and White Vase, Boxwood Tree in Terracotta Pot, Antique French Wine Cask Set.



Do you have an Unforgettable store? IM me and tell me about it.

–Netera Landar

Drama Libre Presents Saturday Themed Dances, Ever-Changing Venues


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Roaring Twenties Party

Drama Libre - Aug. 13, 2016

Love the style of this couple’s 1920s clothing. She clearly illustrates the bold attitude of women determined to break out of what society demanded women should wear. She’s set herself free, in terms of individual expression. 

Drama Libre - Aug. 13, 2016

Xerxes Sismondi dancing with his partner, Peachy Sassoon. Peachy is from Pittsburg, PA and Xerxes is from Jacksonville, Florida.

Phoenix Dance Theater 8:13_047

THE SATURDAY EVENTS LISTING read ROARING TWENTIES PARTY. How could I resist going to Drama Libre (114, 226, 22)?

What I didn’t know was there was this great group in existence for ten years under the direction of Peachy Sassoon and Xerxes Sismondi. Their venue and group is called DRAMA LIBRE. And here I am always seeking fun themed parties on Second Life on a Saturday night. I decided to attend the Roaring Twenties Party and slipped on my SFD Martine black cocktail dress, flapper-style with layers of fringe. I clicked the landmark and landed at the DRAMA LIBRE’s teleport site and walked the short distance to a small building with another teleport. This one took me to a sky build, built by a team working toward a common goal. After rezzing, I was in front of the Algonquin Hotel. Loving the work of Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Roundtable, I felt that Dorothy wasn’t far off, sitting at a table with poets and authors, drinking whatever they could afford and critiquing each others work.

Phoenix Dance Theater 8:13_070Inside, the decor featured rich wood tones with an Art Deco creme and beige rug. As expected, the roundtable was in the center of the room. To start dancing, you just clicked the emblem on the table for the HUD. This is where most of the tinies danced throughout the night, but I did catch Winnie hovering not far from the owners.

With the theme focusing on the 1920s, the women wore their hair mostly in Bobs and chose sassy flapper dresses in bold reds, turquoise, maroon, plum or beige. Some of the men wore snazzy tuxedos with black tailcoats, ties, a cummerbund and top hats.

Drama Libre

Great examples of rich in color and style flapper dresses.

Phoenix Dance Theater 8:13_051

Alex and I dancing to a number of 1920 tunes.

Drama Libre

This flapper has the Bob hairstyle with a headband that matches her long dress.

Phoenix Dance Theater 8:13_054

Simply beautiful. A sleek, body-fitting purple gown with a long strand of pearls behind her.

Drama Libre

Love this flapper’s style. The color is sexy and feminine. Her jewelry not only compliments the dress, it’s vintage and I can easily imagine it being worn in the past. Puffs of smoke rose from the cigarette folder. I was actually able to capture that.

Drama Libre

The Algonquin Roundtable. Told you.

Drama Libre

Putting on the ritz here. Love the colors and pattern of this dancer’s dress, and the wings or cape behind her. He’s wearing a suit that states he’s a wealthy businessman.

Drama Libre

Love this shot. A red flapper cocktail dress, sexy gloves, black pearls and a feather headband.

drama libre 2 8-19_006

At the end of the party, I asked the owners if they would take a little time out of their busy schedule to let me interview them. They agreed. A few days later we spoke in a western outdoor scene that they had used in the past. It was so realistic that I was just waiting for the stage coach passengers to shoot the ambushers on the hill. They joked that it was a good thing they didn’t script firing bullets. We really were on the same wave length. I found Peachy and Xerxes to be very down-to-earth and easy to talk to. They truly care about their venue’s regulars, as well as their building team and DJs. It’s only natural to begin the interview with how long has Drama Libre been in existence.

Peachy: We’ll be celebrating our 10th Anniversary in November.

Netera: You must really know how to entertain.

Xerxes: I guess we stuck with a simple formula and got good people to help us.

Netera: Are you the original owners?

Peachy: Yes, he stuck with me (she joked)

Netera: Who selected the name of the venue and what does it mean?

Xerxes: Peachy and I were dating and we both enjoyed dancing and clubbing, but there was a lot of drama at every venue we enjoyed. We wanted a place without drama, so we decided to make one when we didn’t find it out there. Drama Libre came about because of that..it means Drama Free and we partnered it after a revolutionary message of Cuba Libre, because we just wanted to rebel…lol.

Peachy: Honestly, no (about the rebelling part). Word got around and we have been drama free.

(Peachy stated there had been negative situations, which they had to handle promptly).

Xerxes: We have had folks who tried to distract our DJs, things like that. That’s why Peachy and I are a hosting team..so no single host gets distracted.

Netera: Have you had experience in running a venue before?

drama libre 2 8-19_004

Peachy: It does take two or three people to handle a large group. I was a host before at another venue. I worked at Soulmates. I was their lead hostess so I knew how to get a crowd going.

Xerxes: Well…there was a lot we didn’t expect. Unruly DJs, too.

Peachy: At one time, I use to dance around the room next to other people and mention their name. I would do my best to make people feel good.

Netera: What did you want for your club from the get go?

Peachy: No drama, lol..

Xerxes: Yes, that was our ONLY goal, lol. (In the beginning) we didn’t know how to build. We also wanted to change the themes because we felt the “Best in RED” was boring and folks deserved more.

Netera: Excellent idea, but a lot of work.

Peachy: One thing back then…all the clubs, all they offered was pole dancers and escorts. We wanted to be different.

Xerxes: We wanted to make the theme the event, not that other stuff.

Peachy: I’ve made a lot of friends, from all walks of life.

Xerxes: Peachy is very good at that. She taught me right away that was very important. She showed me how to greet people and how to make the experience fun.

Peachy: Yes, fun was at the top of the list.

Netera: People love to know they’re noticed.

Peachy: That’s why I do the snapshots and I use to say that if you’re new to Drama Libre, this is our little way of saying thanks for being with us.

Xerxes: Over time we gathered a bunch of regulars, and it honestly felt like a gathering among family members.

Netera: Did you always change your venues?

Peachy: Yes.

Xerxes: There are folks we know who have been to almost every party from the beginning.

Netera: Very dedicated regulars. You can’t imagine how wonderful that is for people. SL can be like real life. You have to feel comfortable with your setting and the people around you….Tell me about the various themes you’ve chosen over the years.

Xerxes: We just completed our 503rd set. We built it from the ground up.

Peachy: We build tiny sets to huge sets.

Xerxes: We originally thought we’d build a year’s worth of sets, then just run them over and over. But, no, our build team rebelled and wanted to build each set, lol. We wanted to see something different. We didn’t know how to pull it off, but in the end we did. We have so many favorites. We did a Back to the Future one where the set changed up to each of the three years in the movie every 10 minutes. We did Mad Max with a truck rolling down the highway. It made folks sick, lol. We just did a time travel set. Oh, and we did An Underwater City based on 80,000 Leagues under the Sea and folks had to strap into a sub to get to the party. We even had a Survival theme where folks tp’ed into a burning airplane. Then they were instructed to tp onto a deserted island where the plane crashed.

Netera: Have you always had a team of builders?

Xerxes: Not always, in the beginning it was Peachy and I and it took me two days to build a lifeboat, lol.

Netera: Did you invite builders or they volunteered?

Xerxes: Some volunteered, and others were invited. At first, our set was half built and half assembled with things other folks built to save us time. Within a year, we had a couple more folks and we were building everything. We have a team of five now and our current team has been in place for a few years.

Netera: What’s the size of your sim?

Xerxes: Oh, it’s a full sim. We started out on a small 212×512 plot.

Peachy: And then it grew from there. lol. And, finally, we have the full sim.

Netera: How long does it take you to prepare a build?

Xerxes: Well, our current process starts in advance every two or three months or so we gather together to set up a schedule where each member of the build team will take charge of certain sets. Everybody gets a chance to take charge.

Peachy: We call him/her the build manager. On the build team we have: Dagmar Klaar, Cathy Ryder, Rinaldo Debevec, Xerxes and myself.

Xerxes: And they manage every aspect of the build where the rest of us just build. The build manager decides the theme, as long as the idea survives the questions that we builders pose.

Netera: It’s interesting that everyone gets along well and cooperates. For instance, an idea must be able to allow for several types of costumes.

Xerxes: Then the build manager draws up a rebuild notecard describing the theme concept and what to build, down to what WL setting they want. He/she sends that out every Monday of the week prior to the party itself. Then, from there, everyone picks out what they want to focus on, and away we go. We give ourselves until Friday to finish up and pack up the set and then the cycle repeats itself.

Netera: And your party is every Saturday night.

Xerxes: Yes. We’ve added to the process by creating marketing posters for each party. You’ll see them at the teleport island. I also write up the teasers for each theme to be announced by the DJs the Saturday prior.

Netera: That’s a lot of work!

Xerxes: Yes, but it’s a creative outlet for us.

Netera: How many DJs do you have on staff now?

Peachy: 6 DJs. Every week a different one is featured. DJs include Magda Kamenev, Zak Volare, Gregor Kobeshimi, Rinaldo Debevec, John Seattle and Ironman Zeplin. Our dances last four hours or more. Ironman is our newest DJ.

Netera: Besides no drama, what’s your goal?

Peachy: That everyone enjoys themselves and has a good time.

Netera: On average, how many people attend your events?

Peachy: There’s been no less than 25 people at our events and it’s been as high as 40.

Xerxes: In the early days, we would exceed 50 people and would crash the sim. But, it’s calmed down to 20 to 35 folks.

Netera: What makes your venue unforgettable?

Peachy: I think it’s the way we are and that we show that everyone can have a great time without sex…lol.

Xerxes: Also, Peachy and I want to enjoy ourselves at each party. Yes, we’re hosting and get pretty busy, but we want to have fun, too.

Netter: What are your plans for the future?

Xerxes: Build, I guess, lol.

Netera: With new things being developed it will be a challenge.

Xerxes: Well, we evolved to using sculpts, and then mesh.

Peachy: I love mesh, but as far as building goes, I’m all thumbs.

Xerxes: We don’t make the sculpts or mesh, but we’ve learned to use them in our builds. I know SL is migrating at some point to 2.0, and that will be a challenge, but we’ll figure it out, one day at a time.

Ancient Greece Party


Greek Party on Drama Libre_015

Peachy Sassoon and Xerxes Sismondi hosting on a historical party.

Greek Party on Drama Libre_012

Ironman Zeplin as a warrior.

Greek Party on Drama Libre_007

A Greek Goddess. Love her wings and crystal rod.

Greek Party on Drama Libre_002

We felt like we were in a movie, with the long boat entering a golden gate to the city.

A statue as an avatar. Great idea.

A statue as an avatar. Great idea.

Birdman of Alcatraz Party

Birdman of Alcatraz party - drama libre_018

I was amazed at the creativity of the builders for this party. All they told us was it was a Birdman of Alcatraz Party. Right away you think of criminals in the 1930s. I didn’t know about Robert Stroud (Jan. 28, 1890-Nov. 21, 1963) until Sept. 4.

Birdman of Alcatraz party - drama libre_003

How many people in Second Life can say they danced in a bird cage?

Birdman of Alcatraz party - drama libre_002

I’ve never seen a bagpipe avi, but this one was adorable. Peachy and Xerxes are the angry birds. By the way, I’m dressed as Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde.

Birdman of Alcatraz party - drama libre_005

The full prison cell.

Birdman of Alcatraz party - drama libre_006

Having attended four or five of their dances now, I’m amazed at all the ideas the dancers come up with in terms of costumes.

Birdman of Alcatraz party - drama libre_011

Modern day bird woman of Alcatraz.

Birdman of Alcatraz party - drama libre_012

Bird avatars.

Birdman of Alcatraz party - drama libre_015

Our hosts and Ironman.

Birdman of Alcatraz party - drama libre_016

She’s doing time and having a good time.

A Night to Remember Exhibit Captures the Experience!


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A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_032

–By Netera Landar

A Night to Remember Exhibit 

Closes Oct. 9

Landmark info: (Fancy Decor (78, 98, 31) 

They say that you can find almost anything on Second Life. For nearly eight years, I’ve enjoyed midnight exploration through haunted houses, sim-wide forests and gardens, art installations and international sites. I was thrilled to see a new exhibit which focuses on the Titanic mainly because I’m going to write about this tragic tale in a manuscript I’ve been working on.

I learned about The Vordun Museum and Gallery (Fancy Decor (78, 98, 31) through the editor’s picks in the destination guide. Curiosity led me to Emery Milieux’s exhibit and I wasn’t disappointed. An interactive approach is a wonderful way to educate SL residents. Everything about the installation was well thought out and realistic.

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_001

Emery installed the theme title very creatively. Not only does the gold and black lettering appear dimensional, the wall has a water-rippling effect that makes it seem as if the title is floating upon the sea. How clever to set up pier posts with rope in front of it. Its partner information wall informs visitors about the RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage, how it sailed out of Southhampton, England with its destination New York City. That it was one of the largest and luxurious passenger liners at the time. Footnote: the Titanic was part of The White Star Line’s Olympic-class ocean liners. She stood tall, huge, impressive and beautiful among with RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic. With speed in traveling to America the luring factor for the wealthy high society, the Titanic was also built with comfort and speed as a priority.

emery titanic_015I spoke with Emery in the central area of The Vordun Museum. It seemed every minute someone teleportated to the landing site to see the exhibit. I was quite impressed.

According to Emery, the museum had only been installed three days before our interview on July 16. He could only take credit for “A Night To Remember” wing. I asked him if this was his first exhibit or had he created others in the past?

“This is my first, actually. I’ve done other things in SL, but never an exhibit of any kind,” he said. “I’ve been obsessed with the Titanic for awhile now. Like most everyone else on the planet, I saw the movie when it came out in ’97. Actually, I saw the movie ten times in the theaters. But unlike anyone else, I was intrigued by the real story and really dove into its history. It’s fascinating to me.”

He started the project by constructing the shell of the exhibit, a model of the ship, cabin recreations and numerous graphic design work. He watched a handful of documentaries and spent hours researching the story further on the Internet.

“There are posters throughout the exhibit with information on prominent people and events associated with the ship’s story,” he informed me. “Those didn’t just appear. They had to be designed. Where curating comes in, I had to find the right photographs of the actual ship; I wanted photos that had a narrative to them. Once photos were found and selected, I had to comprise text to accompany them for the caption cards. There’s also text on the walls, as you venture through the exhibit’s six galleries. That had to be written.”

emery titanic_003I asked him about his research and we briefly discussed a book I’m reading to help me better understand the last hours of the Titanic for my own novel’s research. I’m currently reading “Voyagers of the Titanic – passengers, sailors, shipbuilders, aristocrats, and the worlds they came from” by Richard Davenport-Hines. We also touched upon, “Titanic’s Final Mystery,” which was a research-based documentary retracing Titanic’s maiden voyage and the natural occurrences and human misunderstanding that led to her final hours.

Emery said it took him about ten weeks, four or five of which were spent just modeling the ship, to complete all the elements of the exhibit. He stated that he had assistance throughout the project.

“I definitely had some help along the way,” he admitted. “Jake Vordun, the owner of the museum, helped with some of the modeling you see throughout ‘A Night to Remember.’ He did the wall panels and bed in the First Class stateroom, and even the hat the lookout is wearing. I had some help with the scripting, too, and with the storyteller’s styling and narrations.”

Asked if other museums have expressed interest in presenting the exhibit, he replied that it’s too new. But he is open to keeping it alive and moving it around, if it were a right fit.

In regards to his other interests, Emery has a discussion group at Common Grounds. Things have slowed down there, for sure, but it’s still alive and well, he said. His focus has pivoted more towards his store and event production.


A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_002

Upon entering the south wing, you see the Titanic Deck Plan, 1911, an ink and pen representation. If you click the card on the side of the poster the ship’s measurements will pop up in your local box.

“Titanic was 882 feet 9 inches (269.06 m) long with a maximum breadth of 92 feet 6 inches (28.19 m). Her total height, measured from the base of the keel to the top of the bridge, was 104 feet (32 m). She measured 46,328 gross register tons and with a draught of 34 feet 7 inches (10.54 m), she displaced 52,310 tons. Titanic had ten decks (excluding the top of the officers’ quarters), eight of which were for passenger use.”

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_003Titanic in the shipping yard in Southhampton.

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_006

Having the actual individuals responsible for Titanic’s operation stationed in the exhibit was an experience in itself.

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_008Emery created this model of the Titanic. What a great job he did recreating it.

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_010

Two pictures depicting the social classes on the deck of the Titanic. Though their financial situations were extremely different, they all hoped for a better life in America.

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_011

Madeleine Astor, wife of John Astor, points out the dining room and cabins for the wealthy passengers. It’s noted “that the interior of the ship was often likened to a floating palace containing some of the finest examples of craftsmanship and interior design ever seen in an ocean liner to this day.”

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_012

An example of the immigrants’ cabins shows cramped quarters with barely any amenities. A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_017

Here you see the spacious cabin of first-class passengers, elegant wallpaper, better lighting, a place to sleep, read, write letters and have tea.

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_015Looking out at the starry night just as the passengers of the Titanic would have.

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_016

Emery’s example of class separation was not only observed through the cabin styles and accommodations, but also in material wealth.

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_013

Poster on easel informing visitors about Emery.

emery titanic_008

Emery on the grand staircase.

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_022

A poster detailing the mild winter of 1912 which was responsible for a large number of ice to have broken loose from the arctic regions. It mentions that the Titanic received five different ice warnings. Because of the numerous passenger messages, he had to send to Cape Race, Newfoundland, the wireless operator had received a sixth ice warning, but put the message under a paperweight. Captain Smith never received it.

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_021

Frederick Fleet, Titanic lookout beside a representation of an iceberg. At 11:40 PM an iceberg was spotted dead ahead. The speed the ship was traveling and its size made it impossible to avoid striking the iceberg. Its sharp edge cut through the side of the ship  in a mere 37 seconds, the damage was done.

A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_027

The wreckage of the Titanic in photographs and artifacts in display cases.A Night to Remember - A Titanic Experience_031In the last gallery, a newsboy announces the great loss at sea. Emery mentions that the 20 lifeboats the Titanic had could only carry about 1,178 people. There were over 2,200 aboard and only 18 lifeboats were used, many filled to half capacity. On the right wall, Emery has lists of first, second and third class passengers and crew. Those saved and lost are mentioned. The third class and the crew had the greatest amount of losses. Third class passengers: 173 saved and 535 lost. Crew: 216 saved and 700 lost. Pictures of those aboard the Titanic cover the back wall.

Numerous times I found myself drawn to this exhibit. Do not miss it!

Meet me in Casablanca…


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Second Life has a treasure chest full of interesting places to explore. You’re never too sure what to expect until you virtually land at your destination.

Clever, clever, clever was my first impression when accepting the TP to Casablanca (Pelican Point – Nantucket Island (130, 71, 2012). Touch down at the landing point and you immediately expect to see Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman on the set of the movie. Simply stated, the American historical romantic movie comes to life with a lot of hard work.

Snapshot_006I wish I could capture the sound of the 1942 plane’s propeller after landing on the Moroccan airstrip or show you how the sand chokes the air as it drifts across the pavement.

A short walk down the airstrip leads you to the Casablanca Acro-gare where a lone Hataru Motors 1931 Harold is parked. Photographers are impatiently stationed at the gates of the Hollywood set waiting for the celebrities to disembark the Lockland built Air France jetliner. Bergman’s luggage has already been carried out of the plane and awaits her assistant’s attention.

Snapshot_008Follow the cobblestone street leading to Rick’s bar. Here you’ll find the movie set’s facade representing what Casablanca might have been like.

Snapshot_010A calming social setting provides an extension to the movie set. A fountain creates balance in the center of the open air patio. High walls separate builds, but offer no privacy. Moroccan seating surrounds a small octagon table graced with a Moroccan tea service. Just one sip of the regional tea and I move on to Rick’s Cafe. So much to explore here in terms of architectural design and the details that give form to an icon setting. Two period cars flank the facade. Wrought iron is perfectly fitted to form the double door entrance. A short flight of red carpeted stairs leads you toward the center door.


Snapshot_013On the right, you’ll find the hat check area through the triple arched wall. A Josette settee provides comfortable seating before the actors are led to their tables. The rustic round rug is perfectly coordinated with the maroon walls. To the left of the hat and coat check door are two trays of liquor and a mother and baby elephant statues rest on the Moroccan cabinet top.


Beyond the counter is a framed promotional movie poster above a Moorish sideboard. Two Asian cabinets are on each side. A period telephone is ready for reservations and there is no sign of the coat check girl.


A scarlet Macaw rests on its tall perch near the circular stairway and manager’s office. The inner entrance way to the nightclub is small, but decorative. The focal point is clearly the golden double doors leading to the lounge.


Within the lounge are numerous sitting areas. All inviting you to enjoy time spent with friends. There’s a wonderful bar with an adorable monkey. Careful, not sure if he lifts wallets. The entertainment area has the memorable piano and you can imagine the tunes playing late at night with wisps of cigarette smoke trailing upward.


Love the period furniture and the ambience.

Snapshot_018Bistro tables are covered with red tablecloths, toped with a lantern.


A gambling table features two games of chance. A decorative mirror rises above a narrow, triple drawer table. Liquor rests upon it. Several sitting areas allow the curious and spies to watch the games being played.


The center back wall has movie photographs, a print, and an open cabinet with lanterns. Rick’s Cafe logo is featured along with a lovely potted palm.

Check it out when you can. Quite a special place.

–Netera Landar

Omagination Art Gallery’s Second Annual White Show Extremely Well Attended


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By Netera Landar

Unforgettable Blogger

Omagination Art Gallery’s second annual White Show received a vibrant show of support from virtual art lovers on January 9th. The formal event was hosted by Owen Landar and Vishous Vansant (Omagination Art Gallery when it was in Nagaro Valley 24, 50, 2301). No less than 90 formally dressed guests filled the large gallery during the performances of Soulvision, Nina Bing and FrankLee Anatra. Throughout the build, sensual figures graced large white canvas’ offering a whisper of beauty strung like an elegant pearl necklace.


–Above, left, Still Life – By Jarla Capalini Sperber

This elegant study in still life captures how light and shading can project a sense of depth, dimension and weight. Slight variations in shape create an interesting presentation.

“Basically, what I like most is playing with colors, lights and shadows, experimenting different techniques to pull out from a simple snap something that can give a thrill to the viewers,” said Jarla.

–Above right, Empty canvas with shadow, nude by Jarla Capalini Sperber.

Take away the basic outline of shape and there is still great beauty in a gentle whisper of shading.


–Typographic Portrait XII by Morgana Nagorski

A creative, playful way of representing the curves and sensuality of her female model.

“At first they were just simple snaps and casually taken, but then I bought photoshop and I was quickly hooked.  Over the years I have had many, many exhibitions, been curator of 3 galleries and then owned my own gallery for a few years,” said Morgana of her nine years spent on Second Life.


–Barely There by Morgana Nagorski

It’s precisely that. Light detail in the shoulders, cleavage, arm and neck makes you aware of the young woman’s form. Dark eye lashes draw your attention as well as a sweet dab of hot pink lipstick.


–Winter Moon III by Morgana Nagorski

Resembles a winding staircase and fits appropriately beside the actual stairs of the gallery.


–Vacity by Gitu Aura

The moment I saw this I felt as if the subject had a spiritual awakening. There is a sense of purity and beauty that demands nothing more of the model.

Gitu said, “Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and it awakens my soul. I am crazy about B & W and sepia photos.

I like when photos speak without words, when you can feel the mood of them. Sometimes to ask a good question is better than to give an answer…”


–Lonely by Gitu Aura

So much about a person’s innermost thoughts  can be expressed through the eyes. I sense sadness possibly regret.


–Way to Nowhere by Gitu Aura

There’s power in her gaze. Perhaps she’s judging an action or determining if he is worth of her attention.


–The promotional poster was equally seductive. The winter dressed trees were the perfect stage decor.


–Don’t Cry Don’t Cry, Pencil and Paper, Rage Darkstone

–The Unbearable Delicacy of Friendship, Pencil and Paper, Rage Darkstone

Existence in a simple movement, almost as if the color and lines are taking flight.


–Imperfect Serenity, Paper and Pencil, Rage Darkstone

–Lost in Change, Pencil and Paper, Rage Darkstone


The art gallery has transitioned into Omagination Art Village Kinky 2 (215, 107, 499) was Freja Merryman’s wing. She has a great eye for color and clearly tells a story with her photography. Numerous other talented artists are featured. Teleports take you to where your interest lie.


–Maelstrom II by Freja Merryman

There is no division of subject and background. She easily melts into the foggy night. You can feel the breeze from the movement of her beautiful hair.

Snapshot_023–The Leaving by Freja Merryman

The Leaving is simply gorgeous. The midnight theme sets the mood for what may be perceived as the end of a relationship. Writers might use it as a prompt to begin a book or a song.


How clever to use the raven for a bio statement giver? Just don’t tell Poe.

Snapshot_028–Magdalene by Freja Merryman

If Freja is portraying Mary Magdalene she may be showing the transformation from a fallen woman to one accepted by God. The colors are vivid. You can almost sense the darkness in the chamber with the exception of the candles burning late into the night.

Immersiva: The Gathering of Bryn Oh




Destination: Immersiva (14, 107, 23) The Gathering of Bryn Oh Exhibit

By Netera Landar

Unforgettable Magazine blogger

It seems that the very fiber of our lives is defined by how we perceive the world and our ability to file it in categories which can be interpreted. We have been taught to recognize how everything relates to us on some level. History frames the existence of our lives by the just or unjust actions of others. Creation/Science is at the heart of everything that breathes or exists. Language determines interaction at work and home, even art, which is created by individuals in its purest form, is categorized. So it seems only natural for us when observing, appreciating, assimilating art to say, “This is what it is.”

Those of you familiar with the artistic creations of new media artist Bryn Oh raise your hand. You may not have explored Bryn’s work, but if you are on Second Life you have seen frequent recognition of it through the Destination Guide. Bryn is simply “unique.”

Snapshot_001My partner, Alexander, and I entered Bryn’s artistic realm late one night. After clicking an informational board allowing an exhibit to take motion, we watched giant pinball machine balls roll to the left. It actually made you feel as if you were in the machine. The scripting has the balls rocking and breaking. Bryn also mentioned wall walkers on another display board.



Click the first poster to make a donation and the second to teleport to Bryn’s Shop.

We then teleported to the skyplatform store. These sculptures were on the grounds. Make sure you see all the objects from various perspectives.


Many of Bryn’s sculptures remove or underdevelop the form so you can see the innerworkings or basic structure.


The sculptures or characters looking at themselves.


Reminds me of a projector.

Alexander’s first impression of the art was that it was abstract in design (the setting and figures were the perception of an insane mind. Having dug a little deeper into Bryn’s profile, I could now look beyond “Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton-like imagery” to what Alex was visualizing. This appeared to be “mental disorientation in a psychiatric ward.”

After watching various YouTube films on her blog, it finally clicked: Bryn is an extremely talented machinima artist, and storyteller, and these 3D sculptures in her store are part of her commissioned music videos or her own short films. One music video she produced was for musician (1) Megan Bernard: “Clean Up Your Life.” Or  “Imogen and the Pigeons,” which I believe to be a young woman who is heartbroken after her lover leaves her. She emotionally slides into a delusional- depressive state where she wishes to fly away to an uncomplicated existence.

The following are some of Bryn’s sculptures. A Gothic asylum creates the perfect backdrop for characters in the stories. I recommend not viewing the short YouTube films right away. As a creative exercise, let your imagination wander and create your own storyline.


Careful where you step in Bryn’s store. At the entrance there are large insects and other creatures standing about.


This unnamed sculpture reminds me of a papier mache doll. Bryn uses poems to form the body of this winged female. There’s also working gears for the heart.


Really love this sculpture. I sense dragonfly and steampunk elements.


“Virginia Alone” is my favorite of the sculptures. I sense Virginia drifting into the past remembering her youth, family dinners, her lover’s embrace. The face is very realistic. There’s a sweetness to her that is so natural you want to sit next to her.


“Chalk Fingers” is described in one of the videos. “So many things depart.” He traces things lost, perhaps to help remind him of their existence.

Vera Lynnbot – I remember hearing over the intercom “Dr. Valentino to the OR”. Perfect announcement to make. It’s almost as if the patients are hearing what they want even on the intercom. (Valentino was an actor and the subject of many women’s fantasies.) Vera has no voice, is lost in thought, feeling helpless or fragile, heartbroken, is what I sense with this figure.


“Elliot” – “was shy and liked moths.”


“God and Friends” – Jewish Museum in Berlin.


“Juniper” – “Come with me, together we’ll hide. Hold me in the darkness and no outside. People are cruel, winters are cold, and I don’t fit in.”


Mother and Daughter – I sense the silence of youth. We are not allowed to be who we desire to be. Parents always monitoring our every move. Years later, we learn that they are protecting us and trying to keep us on the right path.


Ever patient – No, he’s not a sculpture. Alex waits as I take pictures for the blog.


A rusted train no longer of any use.


“Octobot Curiousity” – Child watches the mobile orbiting around the fountain.


“Atom Swan” – As if someone could no longer grasp the features of a living swan. Seems as if it’s made of metal. Or, it’s something else, but that’s what the person prefers to see.


“Gretchen and Teddy Bear” – Gretchen does not look well and her teddy bear is worn almost as if she’s held it all her life.


“Shopping bags blowing in the sky. She pretended they were butterflies.”


1- http://brynoh.blogspot.com/



Destination: The Unforgettable Ville de Coeur




Left to right, Ayla Panacek-Guisse, Bedrich Panacek-Guisse and Netera Landar.

While on one of my searches for beautiful settings, I found Ville de Coeur and fell in love with the ambiance. I began at Citadel Gardens and then moved toward Harbor Square, a tranquil setting to meet with friends, have a latte, and simply chat. The view from the Harbor shows distant estates on various levels creating a realistic perspective.

Ayla Panacek-Guisse and Bedrich Panacek-Guisse are the owners of the French-themed sims. Ayla is from the Isle of Man, Irish Sea, and Bedrich is from Maryland in the U.S.

How serious are they about recreating a French theme?


Boats docked at the harbor. What a gorgeous view.

“I have been to France twice,” Bedrich informs me. “Once for the original intent of the sim, which was to create the countryside in the 17th and 18th century in France. So I saw Versailles and the surrounding area.”

For seven years, the sim was known as “Languedoc Coeur” which evolved into an independent 18th-century role playing sim named Duche de Coeur.” Role play requires a continuous effort to keep focused on a specific time period storyline, knowledge of the etiquette and what is taboo, and above all maintaining a cast of characters. All the elements have to be in play. If interest diminishes, so does the role playing community.

“Ayla was one of the merchants 6 years ago. Her products were slightly different from what the sim was about, but I really liked where she was going with them,” added Bedrich.  “She had a theme of a 19th century French countryside. And so seeing that after 7 years, this sim was not working well with an 18th century theme, I decided to change it to a more timeless view of France. And, most importantly, she made more of an effort to make her store work than anyone else. She brought people here through her marketing.

“I always loved the sims, but refused to run about in all the habit and curtsy permanently,” Ayla admitted after sipping her beverage.

Bedrich would have liked to see the role players focusing on a set theme, or looking at the facts, instead of being more interested in fashion and hairstyles.

He created the idea behind Ville de Coeur and blended it with Ayla’s desire for it to be France  in the South,  today. The charm of the past, it’s unique architecture, shops, cafes, the curve of the roads and its regional landscapes, were woven into the new version. This would bring about new traffic, more residents and interaction. A new community.

According to Bedrich, the buildings in the Duchy (the regions south of their sim) were made by SkyeRyder Varriale. One of their houses was built by her in the Ville de Coeur. Many Duche de Coeur buildings were built by TatianaDokuchic Varriale. Many of the buildings are by Bedrich with Ayla responsible for making some of the furniture and doing the interior decorating. The regions in Ville de Coeur include: Aquitaine Coeur Nord, Poitou Coeur, Normandy Coeur, Coeur d’Azur or Coeur de Bourgogne. Ville de Coeur resembles the Dordogne region in France. Azure is based on fishing villages in southern Provence. Bourgogne is based on Chateauneuf-en-Auxois in Burgundy.

“We consider it a romantic version of what we know about the area,” said Bedrich. “For example in the Bourgogne village, the hotel is actually across the street. But that building did not work for us, so we put it where a gallery is located. We also open the interiors of the buildings more because we don’t use first person cameras in SL.”

When Bedrich departs, Ayla tells me that he is a technical genius. She often presents her ideas to him and what she can’t work out, he is able to. As an example, she mentioned the fountain in front of the Hospice de beaune. Once completed it will be an exact copy. But creating a realistic atmosphere is as important to them as representing the real regions.

Asked what were the elements they wished to include in the design of their five sims, Ayla replied that they wanted to keep the original and old world character. They wanted to make it easy on the eye and keep the prims as low as possible. Of course, bring it to life with details. For this, one must look closely at the glass top of the patio table where brave little sparrows are stealing the croissant beside your coffee. Or listen to the sim’s birds. Then they wanted to introduce as much personality as possible.


The entrance to Harbor Square.

In Harbor Square, past the arch, is a carpet of fallen leaves. Choose a Latte, Mocha, or Cappuccino from the bistro coffee cart. Gaze out into the harbor by standing near the decorative wrought iron railing.


Lattes are available 24/7. Don’t forget to pay a tip.


Ayla begins the tour of the first of the restaurants and shops.

Their goal is to create a sense of community to bring together people from all walks of life and different countries. They have hosts from the U.S., Australia, Netherlands and Denmark. Merchants and renters are from France, the U.S. and U.K. The events they create are geared towards involving all. They have held a champion horse competition, a photo contest, classic car races, a Tour de Coeur, and soon a film festival.

In terms of rentals, Normandy, Poitou and Azur are full. You can find their available properties on their website. Aquitaine and Burgundy have places available.


Currently available for rental is Coeur de Bourgogne Winery. The peace flag is a memorial to those who lost their lives during the real life attack on Paris the night before this picture was taken.


Coeur Piper cottage is also available for rent. Cozy up by the fireplace in this charming getaway. It offers a private little corner in the countryside.

A short distance away is an old church which provides a realistic element to the French community. The seasonal touches are beautiful.

A short distance away is an old church which provides a realistic element to the French community. The seasonal touches are beautiful.

In addition to the residential and commercial aspects of the community, you can also be entertained at the beach at Azur. Here you will find sailboats, jet skies, volleyball or you can ride a Vespa, a bicycle, or even rez a horse.


Just past the harbor, you can rez a Roman Holiday scooter. They are available for solo tours of the five sims. You’ll find one in front of Ydea Style near the French Restaurant.

“We have a riding cross country path from the stables in Burgundy going to Aquitaine and back,” said Ayla. “There is weekly live music, at least on the weekends, and themed music events in between. Shortly, we hope to start an open mic. We’ve had a tribute to Glen Miller, French-themed nights, a Grease Night and regular quiz nights.”

Follow my tour and then visit Ville de Coeur yourself. You’ll need at least an hour because there is so much to see. Don’t forget to save landmarks for your favorite places.


An inviting French restaurant awaits guests in Harbor Square. Checkerboard tablecloths are ready for dinner for two. Tonight’s special is posted on the chalkboard beside the door. Barrel tables and stools allow for ample seating in the attached patio. Inside, candles flicker on the tables and wine bottles are ready to be selected. Have dessert at one of the outdoor tables so you can watch the sunset.



To the right of the restaurant is a spacious market with fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and mature plants. Behind it is the old village church with a history of its own. Floral vines crown the stained glass windows of the church.  White rustic pews flank the gold runner leading to the altar. On its simple stone surface is the Sunday passage to be read by the pastor, a white cloth under it, and the generation’s old cross brought back from the pastor during his last pilgrimage to Rome. Fresh tea roses grace the stone vases on their pillars.

Snapshot_006Snapshot_015Ayla at Coeur-Creations with Heart offers sexy bikinis and sundresses for those in tropical communities. Just look for the Adirondack chairs and the lifesaver.


Penelope is part coffee house and gallery. Inside you’ll find glamorous photos by Miky Oyen.


You’ll find elegant jewelry at BB-Jewelry store. Everything from a Lace Treasure Necklace in Platinum to a Divine Ruby Necklace.


A panoramic view of the mountain side demonstrates how terraforming can appear very realistic. Space is used in a natural setting allowing for several elevations.


Annette Seranade performed in the outdoor venue on Saturday, November 14 in Marche de Chateau de Bougogne near the vintage Ice Dreams Gazebo.


Horses await their riders in the local stables.


Dressed in winter white, one of the shopping districts looks lovely. A sign announces the photo competition.


A lovely stop on the tour is an elegant French restaurant called Chez Pierre. A green awning shades the first two bistro tables beside the stone building. Wine and cheese has already been served. Large potted Topiaries add a decorative touch at the front door. In the dining room, dinner has been arranged for the guests. Three tables are dressed for a wedding party. The wine cabinet features both affordable to an expensive wine selection. Delicate wine goblets are within the cabinet. Champagne chills in the gold cooler beside the main table. Plan your next celebration here.


Purchase a bottle of red wine to take home for an intimate night for two. A wine shop is directly across from the restaurant.


Before you head home, take a walk with your partner in the Citadel Gardens.

Halloween Beckons with Fun, Fashion and Fright




In real life, I’m a paranormal, science fiction and time travel author. When Halloween creeps into our lives, one claw at a time, I’m ready for adventure. Not the type where gifts are hidden on themed hunts. No, I’m talking about the sensory explorations where settings summon your courage, dare you to peek in dreary dark corners, and anything moving, sensed only by your peripheral vision, desires your light for its eternal demands.


I struck paranormal gold when I landed at FALLEN’S HAUNTING – Haunted House and Cemetery—Shys Market Villa (230, 239, 1201)—This impressive gloomy setting is complete with an old haunted house right out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The family cemetery is quite animated.

The storyteller in me perceives a family that summoned something dark and deadly that murdered them and left their child. This haunted presentation, arranged by Missdemeanor Fallen, clearly warns of the dangers of curiosity going over the edge. Asked why she features a haunted house, Missdemeanor replied, “I do it simply because I love Halloween. It’s my Christmas.” She’s pictured with her partner, fisheyes Maruti.

Snapshot_016Alexander Destiny and I chose a late night for our tour in Miss Fallen’s virtual domain. We reached for our antique lantern and accepted the SL Top Haunted Places Tour & Hunt notecard for 2015. Then we were ready to experience the simulated setting.

Laughter follows every cautious step we made. An eerie playground would appear unused, but we looked closer and saw who was on the spinning merry-go-round. Love the forgotten Goth doll resting against a wooden park bench and how the lamplight draws attention to her.



A skeleton, with a top hat, greets you at the Victorian doors of the manor. Enter if you dare.


Scan the first and second level of the house to determine where your interests lie. Missdemeanor encourages you to enter the many rooms of the haunted house. Beware, there are three hidden rooms and one is closer than you think. There’s also a maze and pumpkin patch to check out. Don’t step on the Goth doll on the stairs and look for the levitated books and floating doll close by. Enter the kitchen with caution, the chef hasn’t been paid in a hundred years and he’s ready to report it to the ghoul union. I found Dad dead. Not telling you were. You’re sure to find him.


Proceed up the stairs and you’ll find a portrait of the family’s ancestor or the new owner of the house considering the homeowners have check out….of life. The lit candles act as a memorial to her, while the shades of gray Victorian wallpaper also have shades of newly spilled blood. Checking my neck…

I don’t know about you, but when someone writes “GET OUT!” in big letters on the wall and a dark spirit raises out of a pentagram, I usually get the hell out of there.

Snapshot_013I followed the voice to the children’s bedroom and sadly witnessed the evidence to what happened to her. Remember, storylines are a matter of perspective. The child could have been possessed and ended the lives of her parents or the dark spirit could have had an opportunity to flee the darkest empire doing a good deed to earn his ticket out of hell. He apparently was too late. Missdemeanor has given you the sensory details, you draft the story from your own perspective.


On your way out of the old haunted house, be careful you don’t lean too far in the old fashioned hearse. You might just be next in line for the Friday burial before sunset.




Now Let’s Talk Halloween Fashions

You’ll find elegant gowns at Paris Metro and Snowpaws if you’re going to a Second Life Masquerade Ball. If you desire something on the fun side, then teleport to Dressed by Lexi.

Dressed by Lexi (Sands dAlliez (100, 240, 2491)

I thought it would be helpful to direct you to a few of my favorite costumes. Go past the store to the courtyard where Lexi features her seasonal clothing. Two sexy numbers sure to please your partner are “Catnip,” which is a black mesh cat costume with a naughty neckline clear down to your waist. Slip on the boots, put on the mask, and apply the piercing (only 129L). There’s a “Kitten” costume that’s just as cute. A white body suit with little cat ears, a collar, belly button piercing, tail, boots, lace mask and whiskers (129L).



The “Immortal Bliss” outfit (99L) includes a long skirt, tight pants, and a vest halter that can be worn short or long. Omega appliers are available (30L), as well as Immortal Bliss Jewelry: a silver pendant with a black centered jewel on lace (75L) and makeup, eyes and fangs (75L).


Looking for something bewitching? Lexi has a hot gold dress that hugs your curves (99L). There’s even a witch hat. Add the necklace and gold heels and you’re ready to go.


How about a touch of humor with her Funny Bone Dress (75L). Pie Horn Rimmed Glasses (75L) Pearl Necklace (50L) and Omega Applier (30L).


Want to be a little “She Devil”? This costume is adorable (99L) as well as the Slink High Heels (99L).

Star date: 2015 and Spaceport Omega Delivers a Comfortable Setting and Progressive Rock




Saturday night and I’m sim jumping. On the fifth hit, I land on Starport Omega (Felice 234 96 500). For five years, Kimberly Uriza has enjoyed the role of Captain (and co-captain) of this wonderful build. Science Fiction fans will love the futuristic features of this venue.

Snapshot_004Asked why she chose a space port, Kimberly replied, “I’ve always been a Science Fiction fan and I wanted to have a space ship in Second Life. And the idea had never been done for a venue, as far as I know, so I wanted mine to be unique. Starport Omega tends to fit the format of Progressive Rock Music.”

Of course, it’s a custom build, which Kimberly worked on. It took her awhile to find just the right textures for everything.


She was inspired the moment she began experimenting with building.

“I started to create a theater in the round, which I think is also unique in Second Life. The spaceship in back is a freebie I found which I re-textured and added some things to,” she then informed me about the current schedule. “We have DJs four nights a week on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Live music is featured twice a week. Anj Gustafson on Tuesday and Moshang Zhao on Wednesdays.