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What makes a place or an artist ‘unforgettable’ is  combination of factors, including timing, relevance, craftsmanship, concept, and something extra—something that grabs us by the lapels and makes us pay attention. We stop in our tracks with awe. And, in later spare moments of reflection, that music, or that artwork, or that location, sneaks into our thoughts. The way we think changes. Maybe we learn something new, maybe we have our eyes opened by innovation, maybe we are inspired, or maybe we just feel. To be memorable means affecting us on many levels. The creatives this month all demonstrate these qualities that can be so hard to define. We can define them ourselves in our own ways by considering the talented profiles this month.

Please check it out in-world at Bowler Publishing offices located in the Picks of Jetman Bowler or Netera Landar.

See the issue as it first ran in the virtual world release of Unforgettable Magazine #4 (download PDF) with more graphics and photographs. See Issue #OneIssue #Two, and Issue #3 for more features and profiles.