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I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy! Five days a week, I work for a Chicago suburban newspaper as a Lifestyles Editor. With “Deadly Reservations,” my third paranormal novel now published, I’m trying to get book reviews and interviews. I’m interviewing talented Second Life artists, musicians, authors and content creators for Unforgettable Magazine. I also generate book reviews and interviews for, my other blog. I have ten wonderful novels to read. Then there’s my new manuscript, which I’m about 179 pages, or 14 chapters into. Each interest is given the appropriate time it takes to get the job done right.

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Machinima Artist Mary Wickentower


Content Artist Superb Fuschia Nightfire


Author Arthur Jackson


The wonderfully talented Artist Kevin M. Thomas

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Unforgettable Magazine’s new home, IM me for story ideas, press releases and advertising placement.

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Country Artist Premium Composer

As for issue 6, my interviews have been completed and it’s time to write them into article form. Featured will be the very sweet and talented Premium Composer, the artist with a great personality, Kevin M. Thomas, the uniquely creative machinima artist, Fuschia Nightfire and author Arthur Jackson. Sita Writer will cover yet another wonderful venue and Kam will tell us about her poetry cafe. As always, Eleanor will add her experienced graphic touch. Check out her magazine, Sim Street Journal, it’s very informative.

We’re currently seeking advertisers and sponsors. You can IM me in-world for our very affordable rates. Half page, full page and double page ad space is available. Camera ready ads are preferred, but they can be created with the help of a freelance artist at an additional cost.

With the closing of Lyrica, I’ve moved my office to Phat Cat’s sim. It’s easily located in the shopping mall. When I’m online, my avatar can usually be found writing at her desk, while the real life avatar is working on her other computer.

As always, hope to see you while I’m checking out SL’s venues.

Netera Landar, Unforgettable Magazine’s Editor