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Premium Composer’s childhood was filled with Country music. She was introduced to the genre by her aunt. Then Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and George Jones helped her mature and gave meaning to the words.

Premium composer_007Recently, Premium granted me an interview. Always interested in learning about the artists, I joined her and her manager, Smilemaker Mathy. Premium was dressed in her Country garb: a black sexy halter with tight jeans, a matching cowboy hat, jewelry and piercings. Her hair is long and dark and blue eyes match the sea. She’s at home in her contemporary beach house complete with wrap-around porch and rocking chairs and don’t forget the movies and popcorn.

She learned about Second Life through her PalTalk friend Dallas Winslet. The webcam-based social network creates a cooperative platform for musicians to sing and then pass the microphone.

“Before Second Life, that’s how they performed,” Premium explains as we sit comfortably on her rattan chairs shaded by a woven natural umbrella. The soft carpet of grass rises gently beside the sea. “I really didn’t know what to expect when I came to Second Life. When I did, I was overwhelmed with the possibilities of what could be done here. Dallas helped me bring Premium Composer to life. There were other entertainers,  managers and friends that also helped me to become who I am today. There are so many, I can’t begin to name them…but they know who they are,” she said fondly.

Premium recalled those early explorations in Second Life when she stood in the audience and was in awe of the artists. She knew she wanted to sing.

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With the assistance and devotion of Dallas, Smilemaker and her other friends, she was able to set up her equipment in real life. Premium admits that it took patience. She’s not familiar with today’s newest software. Having people believe in her talent helped to empower her and helped her to move beyond her shyness.

Slowly she began to get her virtual foot in the door. The first venue she performed in was “Foxy Hollow.” She remembered being very uncertain of her abilities and then as time passed she began to grow more comfortable as a performer.

Now, when Premium sings, she knows she’s in her element. She loves the experience and pumping up her audience. In her book, her audience is number one and she’s there to please them. She looks forward to each performance, which currently is three nights a week and twice on Thursdays. The songs she selects aren’t pre-arranged sets, rather she chooses songs randomly according to the interests of those present. When her avatar is on stage and she’s singing into the microphone, she’s using a high energy level to perform. That’s just who she is.

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Premium is extremely thankful to have Smilemaker as a manager, for she’s a friend and confidant. Not only does she make Premium happy, she gives her advice and protects her. She’s always organizing her bookings. Premium sees her as a little firecracker.

“I totally respect what she has to say and do for me,” she said. “That is a great manager. I wouldn’t give her up for the world.”

Hearing other singers perform is something Premium truly enjoys. Every single Second Life artist has something special to offer the crowd. Premium is amazed at all the talent sizzling across the virtual airwaves.

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