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By Kamille Kamala

There are an assortment  of poetry venues to choose from in Second Life, but there is one in particular that you might want to visit. It is called the “Lyrical Cafe Poetry Club’. The Lyrical Cafe was established to provide Second Life residents with another choice when it comes to poetry hubs or hangouts. It is a lively social outlet along with an avenue to express your poetic voice alongside other artists and enthusiasts.

The Lyrical Cafe opened its doors in December 2009. Over the years it has held star-studded events with some of the hottest singers and real life spoken word artists. We have featured real life professional poets who performed and they even helped out by hosting workshops and talk show styled interviews for our patrons.


The Lyrical strives to continue to be one of the most talked about poetry venues in Second Life. And, after several residents requested its return, it has finally happened and now we are back. After a year long hiatus, we plan on becoming a staple here in the Arts and Culture scene once again.

Our reopening event was intimate, yet fun. There were several poets who graced the stage and it lasted nearly to a hour and a half. We have a weekly schedule hosting events every Saturday at nine p.m.

You are cordially invited to attend one of our poetic sets if this schedule properly lines up with your agenda and we would love to welcome your presence. You are invited to read a poem or you have the option to sit back and enjoy the spoken word read by various talented artists.

The Lyrical Cafe is committed to providing a positive atmosphere that encourages creativity while hosting a healthy social setting for all of its patrons. Please support our efforts to encourage the creative vibe throughout the virtual world.