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Fashion designer Morea DeCosta

The moment you enter Morea DeCosta’s sim you will be impressed with her sophisticated style. Her flexi dresses are elegant, sensual, flowing, often appearing feather light. They are appealing in both variation and striking colors. You will find both casual and formal selections to choose from in her well organized separate stores. Her client list is 21,000 female members strong.

It’s been quite a journey for Morea. Having first learned about Second Life through a 2007 French Channel television report, she portated in-world to personally explore virtual fashions, but her first impression of Second Life’s clothing selections did not impress her.

“When I started on Second life, nice clothes were hard to find,” she explained. “Clothes were not as well done as today: the outlines were not precise, but very basic and old fashioned.”

For this reason, she adapted her love of designing real life fashion into her own virtual line. She literally started from the drawing board learning how to use Photoshop properly and how to apply templates and textures. The realistic fashions and quality are clearly visible with every garment.  Morea aims to please her customers with quality and originality. She creates gowns and outfits that she would proudly wear.

“I work hard, many long hours and I am a perfectionist,” she admitted. “I have dedicated my work time on Second Life for over six years. I do that full time with a little help of coffee and patience,” she joked.

Morea's store_001

a Morea Style model wearing a formal gown.

Her ideas are kindled through inspiration. She sets her imagination free the moment she boots up Photoshop. All the images just “come to her” often beginning one way and ending another quite unexpectedly. She would begin creating a day time dress and end up with a formal gown. A single outfit takes from dawn to dusk, sometimes many days. Her best sellers are both casual and formal clothing. Something new she’s introduced is her men’s line and matching couples line.

“It all depends on the complexity of the outfit,” Morea stated. “And then, you need to create script boxes, take pictures of the models and so on! It’s a long term job,” she said, adding that she takes all the promotional pictures herself.

Morea stated that creating a dress or an outfit doesn’t mean you’re only creating a few pieces. Every single element has to be well thought out: top, bottom, flex, mesh, belt, pants and more. The ensemble gives the garment life.

I’ve been a Morea Style customer for years. A recent visit to her store, for what I know will be provocative or elegant additions to my wardrobe, had me navigating toward her formal attire. I was drawn to several of the period styles, such as “Anna,” a 1940s style gown with sensual curves and gorgeous flow. A soft fur shoulder adds contrast to the form fitting black satin dipping bodice. One leg is fully revealed, while the half skirt clings to the hips. It drapes in soft waves at your feet. Four colors are offered, but I adore the ebony gown. Extremely elegant, it’s difficult to turn away from.

A formal red gown demands my attention. “Maelys,” stunning in ruby it features a sculpted top form fitting long bustier that reveals the lower portion of the breast, seductively teasing. Included are glitch pants, glamorous gloves, a feather coiffe for hair and necklace and a flexi dress that is so graceful and light, that you will float on air when entering a ballroom. Model’s hair is worn in an upsweep and finishes the look divinely.

Beyond feminine, nearly mystical, is Morea’s Formal Dress 2011. “Indescence’s” short lace bustier is a wisp of material that accentuates the flexi dress. It is cloud like and easily carried on the virtual wind. A flexi feather adorns the bodice and another can be fastened to the right side of your hair. Don’t forget the long gloves.

“Vallen” means one thing: Seduction. With sleek satin, two-toned, a revealing bodice, black high waist and ankle length black skirt. Love the ruffles on the side. Wear with an unsweep/asymetrical bang and knock-out black strapped heals.

An added bonus in being a Morea Style shopper is getting the monthly group gift.

“I always offer something exclusive and nice every month for my members,” she told me. “It is a way to thank all of my customers for their reliability. I get comments sometimes: this is your gift? Wow! I would sell it for this amount…but that is not the way I think. I feel it’s important to reward my faithful members with something exclusive and great to wear. I create amazing gifts during the holiday season, also.”