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Kevin M. Thomas is 39 years old. He’s originally from Wilkes-Barre, PA, a suburb of Washington, D.C. If you ask him what he does in real life, he’ll tell you besides singing what comes from the heart, he does government contracting. And that’s okay because a man has to earn a living.

But when he steps inside a venue in real life and the red light blankets him, he’s someone else. He’s an important part of the band Nixon Nation. Along side his fellow musicians; he puts reality and emotion into his words. His originals often question if love is real or on the rebound. They are about connections or lack of them. The band has recorded two albums “sharing a lot of life lessons and journeys.”


Kevin has also written Classical Compositions in his Chamber Music Collection and his Piano Collection. In January 2004, he helped create “Nixon Nation,” an Ocean City, MD, rock band featuring Kevin singing vocals and playing the guitar; Josh Miller, vocals/guitar; Halle Miller, Keyboards/Percussion; Jeremy Miller, Bass, and Billy Esposito blasting away at the drums. Their music was featured in two MTV/Spike TV Productions: “Tripped Out” and “10 Things Every Guy Should Experience.”

Kevin has entertained us on Second Life since 2007. He began performing in Mama Norfolk’s venue called the “Lava Pit.” Mama was a fan of Nixon Nation and invited Kevin to perform.


“I thought it was crazy back in the day,” Kevin recalled. “There would be 80-90 people in the audience and fewer musicians. Second Life was totally different.”

A friend set him up with a broadcaster, which was pretty good. Years later, the mixers improved. For a time, Gretchen Capalini was his manager, but real life commitments made it difficult for her to continue. Then he signed with Music Not Politics. He’s played at numerous venues, playing everything from Mumford and Sons, the classics, Journey and ACDC. His goal is to keep evolving and to always be interesting. He enjoys taking requests from the audience.

“Music is everything,” he stated. “It’s all encompassing, spiritual, its fun and I love entertaining. It’s really the centerpiece of my existence. Virtual technology, Internet performing is the future. It’s a fact that we can reach people globally.”

Kevin enjoys dual streaming with Maximillon Kleene, Edward Lowell, Mike Carnell, Beth Odets, Onehempcat Oldrich and Eric Steffensen Mistwalker. When he has the free time, he tries attending different shows, learning from all the performers.


Catch his performance at The Gauntlet, Guthries, Tootsie’s, End of Time, The Blarney Stone and PJ’s Hangout.

Watch Kevin and Nixon Nation on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEN_abTRImQ

Listen to his music on Reverbnation:


Nixon Nation’s facebook page: