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While exploring the many storefronts on BookIsland, I met Jackson Arthur. After he attended a sim dance, we met high above BookIsland in a gray, two level space base. We sat back in leather chairs in a virtually quiet setting.

Jackson informed me that he was born in New York and realized he wanted to be a writer at a very young age.

“I was in elementary school and had a writing assignment in class. My teacher loved what I had written. There was a contest going on, I won, and she asked me to read my piece over the school public address system. I had such a blast with that. I got positive feedback and started writing. I’ve been writing all my life, since.”

Jackson is now writing in his home in Arizona. He’s spending quality time with his wife, kids, grandchildren and four dogs. He’s enjoying an early retirement writing e-books and leaving behind his career in the computer industry.

Second Life has become his second home and he has a virtual office to prove it.


Jackson directed my attention to three tall book cover prims on the side of where we sat. He stated that his first novelette, “PAD,” focuses on a lonely computer science student who reprograms his PDA to make her more human. About 20 years pass and we find Kurt Kellermann is now an attorney overwhelmed with his caseload and the stress of corporate law. His friendly Private Domain Assistant, Sandy, has evolved. She has become more in control of his wealth and possessions leading Kellermann with no choice: he has to take her down. But maybe Sandy is into self preservation and has other plans.


“PDA” is actually science fiction in the near future. It’s a little bit of a runaway AI (artificial intelligence) but it tends to be entertaining,” he said.

“The book you see over there, “Desi Heet” is actually a paranormal fiction,” he informs me while referring to another book cover prim. “It’s set in a small, upstate New York town.

This story places a genetically different young woman in a contemporary setting. She is so unique that society considers her evil. She has wings, an unusual skin tone and pale yellow pupiless eyes.

Writing “Desi Heet” drew him right into her story. He actually had fun coming up with her first name, Desmonia, which means ill-fated one in Greek and Heet is a Dutch last name.

Desi Heet

Jackson best describes his work on his portals blog:

“A few of my stories are based in the current time or the very near future, and in something very much like this universe.  Desi Heet is one of these, and Desi herself is featured in my first blog. My goal with Desi, and other present-day characters, is to introduce them to you in a quick and enjoyable way.

But most of my books are set perhaps 50 to 250 years from the present day in the fictional universe of the Alliance of North American States, known as ANAS.  Each novel and novelette in the series examines an important event in the rise and fall of this fictional alliance.  In this sense the books are literally portals into the fictional world.  While each book is a complete—and I hope compelling—story unto itself, its importance in the history of the ANAS universe will not necessarily be clear when you finish the book. For example Sandy, the maverick AI in my novelette PDA, is an important part of ANAS history, but you won’t discover why until later in the series.”

Log on to his blog: http://jacksonarthurportals.com/visit-my-virtual-world/

His Facebook page: http://goo.gl/aYNQV
Linked In page: http://goo.gl/TdEpo
Twitter: @JacksonArthurUS