Saturday night on Second Life presents an impressive line-up of musical entertainment. You’ll find Jazz, Blues, Broadway, Rock, and wonderful originals in this virtual world. Both old favorites and new musicians hop on stage. To stay informed, you can either join Live Musicians and Singers Org. or the musicians’ own groups for moment-by-moment messages, whether on or offline.

For the first time in months, I put down a review book for gottawritenetwork.wordpress.com and simply enjoyed standing in a virtual garden or a themed venue. I’ve recently read seven of thirty-seven author requested books and finished in-depth interviews.

These are the Second Life shows I attended on Jan. 25:

Wayne Davis rocked the night away with Franny Glass, Steve Onskan and Falon DeSojurn at Sydney’s Live Music venue.


Kat Rose Serendipity invited me, and her other fans, to attend her and Denny Mac’s show. I caught the tail end of a triple stream with Bat Masters, Beth Odets and Two Step Spiritweaver at the Acoustic Cave.

Saturday_night_Around_Town_#1_wayne_davis_007Then it was Kat Rose and Denny Mac’s turn to take the stage. Both gigs were wonderful. I really enjoyed hearing Kat and Denny perform together. They’re fantastic, professional and blended so naturally.

Saturday_night_Around_Town_#1_wayne_davis_010The last show for me, before I called it a night, was Nina Bang at The Savoy Jazz Club. She was worth a change of outfits to get in the venue. I loved the fact that Second Life gives her, and every other musician/singer an opportunity to perform.


Would you like me to check out your unforgettable venue? IM me when I’m online and send a landmark. Feel free to send me your entertainment schedules to post, too!