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Tricia Aferdita stands in front of the Avalon Town gallery board.

When Art Messenger announced the grand reopening of Avalon Town, it stirred up my interest. I am not a professional critic, merely a lover of the arts. So I had to learn about this art community from the new owners and check out its vast supporters. The estate includes Amicus Curiae and Tabula Rasa.

I teleported to Avalon on Saturday, Jan. 25 hoping to take a few pictures. Among the growing-by-the-minute crowd was Avalon’s Manager,  Ethan  Westland. He informed me that the previous owner, Colleen Kesey, sold Avalon this month. She established it in 2006.


Checking out Avalon Town’s grand re-opening party. What a supportive arts community this is.

“Tricia (Aferdita) and I had been managing it for a couple of years so Tricia decided to keep the heart of the town, the art district,” explained Ethan while he mingled with those present. “And the residents were enthusiastic about it, so here we are.”

You will find the following artists represented in Avalon Town. Be sure to set aside enough time to visit their galleries: Leon Tubrok Beaumont, Nyx Ivory, iSkye Silverweb (Icarus), Bumble Parx, Een Maculate, Alexx Fenstalker, Ichiko Miles, Hypatia Pickens, Amber Eyre, Gala Caproni, Winter Hendes, Tesserae Swansong, Terra Tepper, Ohsoleomio Resident, Nils Ophelia, Medb Ghost, Kayly Iali, Antenna Rae, Jessica Belmer, Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield (Ripple), Ragamuffin Kips, Adrian Deschanel, Lusus Saule, Mia Anais (marleeoneal), Samara Barzane, Sakura2 Kohime, Sandy Schnook, Em Larsson, JudiLynn India, Cat Boccaccio, Scottius Polke, Daire Aeon and Bear Silvershade.


I adore the individuality of SL residents. Ethan stands behind the couple on the right.


Tamra Hayden entertained the crowd.

Ethan stated that Avalon is one of the longest running art communities on Second Life. Its mission is to provide a real sense of community for builders and creators. Many of the residents have been friends and colleagues on Second Life for many years.

The day after the grand re-opening of Avalon Town, Tricia was available. Tricia explained that the estate began with one sim. Colleen, the original owner, who is “very much a supporter of the arts and a big philanthropist in the U.S., had hired matthiaos acquacade to build her house. Eventually they began building the town. At its peak, she recited from an earlier article written about Avalon’s history, it was thirteen sims big with various full sims and homesteads. When Colleen’s real life became busier, she began reducing the number of sims.

“Ethan and I both knew it was just a matter of time before she decided to let the estate go entirely. And, honestly, we weren’t sure what we’d do,” Tricia recalled. “At first when she told me, we planned to just let it close, but we have such a great bunch of people here, and I always need a ‘project’ in SL.”

Tricia explained that Colleen financially supported the community as she did not want to charge an expensive tier and she wanted to have open spaces.

“Both she and I are alike in our support of philanthropy and we have had many charity events here over the years,” said Tricia. “We have had a Relay for Life team the last two years, so we definitely want to do that again and we periodically find a nonprofit organization, preferably one that has a presence in Second Life, and organize some kind of fundraising event for that.”


LHOOQ gallery. I love the architectural elements of this build. It seems like a 1940 era multi-level store.


A contemporary gallery.


Moon shining bright behind the main gallery area.

Also planned are reviving events that were held in the past, such as art history talks, poetry nights, guest speakers, contests and whatever new events their creative minds can come up with. They often combine charity events with art auctions.

Art represented at Avalon Town includes photography, paintings, and virtual installations.


The bold imagery here was created by Ragamuffin Kips. The red composition on the left is entitled “In Deepest Dreams” and the green, “Walking and Falling.”


“The Bad Girl’s Dream,” watercolor by Antenna Rae.

Asked what Tricia thought made Avalon so special, she replied: “I think that it’s very much a community. Since we’ve made the estate smaller, it’s really brought people together, whereas everyone was kind of spread out before. It’s good to see people around who all have similar interest in the arts and content creation.”

Landmark info: Tabula rasa (133, 145, 74) Mature

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