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A gorgeous sunset will soon hug the sky at Snug Harbor. I walk along the shore alone looking for a quiet place to watch the gentle waves touch upon the sand as they have done since the beginning of time. Gently, I’ll tuck my gown under my legs and lie comfortably on the floral blanket, two candles to help me read a romantic tale about lovers in another time.

Gown courtesy of Paris Metro Couture: Artist Series Olympes Rhode Mesh Gown. Simply divine the way the olive and violet skirt moves with me and the tailored top hugs me making me feel beautiful.


Inspired by art, Paris blended a variety of natural colors, as if she held a paintbrush and considered every stroke of light and dark. Wearing the same artist series gown, but now with Wiccan blonde hair, I explore the many rooms in Gallery Medier. Above, Eleanor is exhibiting Edward Hopper’s “Office in a Small City.”