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Eliz Watanabe at the Cove during Christmas 2013.

Eliz Watanabe at the Cove during Christmas 2013.

For most of her life, Eliz Watanabe has enjoyed singing and playing the piano. Though she was not raised in a musical family, her parents gifted her with piano lessons from seven to twelve years old. Then she joined the band in junior high, playing the French horn. They also picked the top French horns to be in the school’s orchestra, so she played there until she graduated. By the time she reached her sophomore year in high school, she begged her mother to enroll her in voice lessons. So, yes, it’s clear to see that music is a big part of her life.

Eliz grew up watching the old musicals. She wanted to be able to perform at their level. In time, her interest in music navigated toward Pop Music and Country, though she never abandoned her love of classical music performed on the piano.

Eliz Watanabe at the Cove_007This dynamic singer, has been performing in Second Life since 2007, thanks to her brother, and has loved every gig. She loves singing Country, Pop, Jazz, and love songs, and even a Blues number or two along with Broadway tunes.

“I also sing covers. I would love to write songs and am looking for some time to try to do that,” she expressed. “When I first came here, I had no idea there was live music until a friend took me to my first show. I knew it was something that I had to do so I started learning what it took to get setup to sing. I’ve been singing ever since.”

Eliz has performed at Second Life country venues, ballrooms, and even at private parties.

“I loved entertaining in all of them,” she said. “As long as I’m singing and there are people listening, I’m happy.

Her goal for Second Life is to start playing the piano again during her performances.

”Now that I’ll have more time for myself, I would love to sing in the real world again.”

All her fans wish her a lot of luck.

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