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Though I’m not a brave adventurer, I’m going to take to Second Life’s enchanting seas, towering skies and mysterious lands in search of Unforgettable people and places. One for challenges, I’m simply going to become a news hound and seek out brave new worlds. If Star Trek’s Enterprise crew can do it, so can I.

Arcadia Asylum Living Library Main Branch, Lyonet - Moderate_005I began my late night journey through Iso Huet’s beautiful Forest Garden and, as I often do, said hello to someone I’ve never met before. Dr. Waxen who just happened to be close by on the sim, had an interesting avatar and profile. I knew a story was not far off so I introduced myself and immediately learned about Arcadia Asylum, also known as Aley. Being a paranormal mystery author red flags began waving madly in my mind. I imagined a horror sim where one does not walk down a hall without looking over his or her shoulder. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Grey_And_Waxen_SL11b_Build_Site (1)

Dr. Waxen and Professor Grey

Dr. Waxen told me to speak to Prof. Grey (brianL61.landar) who would inform me about a certain library which is preserving the content of a woman named Arcadia Asylum. He stated that a library was established on Chenowa in June, 2007. It disappeared when the curator lost his sponsor and the land.

Arcadia Asylum Living Library Main Branch, Lyonet - Moderate_003

“I ran a small freebie center on the Anilis sim. When I found out what happened to the library, I converted my place and made it the Arcadia Library,” he informed me, as he, Dr. Waxen, and I stood at the library’s entrance. “In June of 2011, we started two libraries in SL, with the goal being to spread the collection around, you see the old library used server-based vendors and when the library went down so did the servers. No one had the items so we rebuilt the collections from any source we could find. Some were out of reach from her end because of the inventory deletion incident. She frequently brings folks by to get things. She says it’s easier than trying to find the items in her inventory,” he said.

Asked if people knew the library existed, Prof. Grey stated that a group was started two years ago when they took the reins. This isn’t merely about preserving Arcadia’s work on Second Life, they have also established libraries on inWorldz and several of the OS and hypergrid systems. This is because she’s has built in other virtual worlds. If you go to google+ you can locate arcadia asylum group and speak to others who help preserve her work.

“Her story is well known throughout many circles,” Dr. Waxen informed me.

When people learned about the library, they brought her items. The original library owner then met with Prof. Grey and helped box everything for them. Then she opened “AleyMart,” where some of the older items can be sold. A problem started to arise, some less than honest people were trying to sell her work. She creates her work as opensource allowing people to detach parts to learn how she put it all together, but it’s quite another thing to sell the same object.

Arcadia is a member of New Citizen Group (NCI), which hosts building classes. Prof. Grey said she has a workshop on Gunnar and you can frequently find her playing on NCI Kuula. A build on SL10b and one this year at SL10th birthday will honor Arcadia’s contributions.

Arcadia Asylum Living Library Main Branch, Lyonet - Moderate_004The library on Lyonet is a fairly new location. Still in the installation stage, they are working on the resource center on the second floor. They also have a space build which uses her items.

Arcadia is currently working on a new seven sims project on Blake Sea to create an underwater environment for mers and tourists using only 200 prims per sim. She has been granted a larger prim allotment on one to create a sunken boardwalk with rides and games that work.

Location: Arcadia Asylum Living Museum, Lyonet (103, 146, 29) – Moderate