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Bono and Luv July 26th_005Snug Harbor was rocking on July 26 with Bono Fouroux and Luvofmusic at Marina Blues. The dual streaming was a perfect pairing of a skilled guitarist and dynamite Blues singer.

Bono and Luv July 26th_003Bono hails from Amsterdam, Holland. He’s been playing the guitar since he was a kid.  Loves both Gibson and Fender, and has also customized a few guitars. He loves playing the Blues in Second Life, originals and Pink Floyd. He dual streams with Swina Allen, Yumichan Allen and Veronica Weksler.

Luvofmusic has a great personality, which she brings to her Second Life gigs. She was born and raised in Chicago and began singing at a young age with the support of her family. Asked to name some of her musical influences, she replied that the list was a mile long. On the top of her “I Just Love Them” list was the late Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Chaka Khan, Dinah Washington, Sara Vaughan, the late Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin. Add to the mix the legendary Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway and Sam Cooke. Her favorite genres are Jazz, Blues, R&R, Rock & Roll and some Pop.

We spoke after the Snug Harbor set about their Second Life experiences and love of music.  Bono learned about SL through a friend. At first he thought it was more of a chat platform and he wasn’t interested.

“But she kept telling me to come and see it. This is different,” he recalled, while adjusting his guitar and cooling down from his set. “I was surprised. I was in earlier, but I didn’t get it then. When she introduced me, it was amazing. That was about 7 years ago.”

His mentors and buddies, Swina Allen and Jaggpro McCann were a big help teaching him how to use a mixer and how to stream. He began performing at Italian Mood and Guitar Museum, his own venues and a few others. Hands down, he’s most comfortable performing the Blues from the past or contemporary. Self taught, Bono performs two to three hours a day now. He’s been performing on Snug Harbor for about a year.

Asked what he loves about performing on Second Life, he replied that at first the opportunity to make music is a great thing, but then sharing his feelings with others became an amazing experience.

“It’s always a surprise if people say that they had a good time,” he said.

The most difficult aspect of performing on a virtual world is dual streaming, according to Bono. That’s simply because one person can’t hear the other. The other problem musicians have to adapt to is the delay in time when singing and talking on a stream.

Bono and Luv July 26th_006Luv has always loved music. Throughout her life, her interest was nurtured coming from a musically inclined family and because of it she’s been singing for as long as she can remember. She admits that she didn’t become serious and confident about her singing ability until 15 years ago.

“I never performed in high school musicals. I did perform in elementary school, though,” she said. “Funny thing, back then I loved dancing. I wanted to be a dancer!”

Luv learned about Second Life two years ago through singer Jewels Osterham. Jewels had posted a message on Facebook that she had a virtual gig. Interested, Luv sent her an instant message for more information. That’s when she learned about Second Life and created an account.

“So I just listened to her stream and after her show she told me all about it,” Luv said. “I didn’t download the viewer until March or April 2012. I started off solo and then I met Veronica Weksler. Veronica hooked me and Bono up. She thought we’d be great together. You know what? I think she was right. She knows her stuff.”

Luv said she improved her “Jazz chops” because she loves singing Jazz. Today, you can catch one of her gigs and she’s not restricted herself to singing one genre. She prefers a bit of everything, including Blues and Rock ‘n Roll, and music from all over the world, especially her own heritage: Puerto Rican.

Bono and Luv July 26th_002