Lexi during her Unforgettable Magazine interview.Lexi Roxan is stationed on the upper level of her store “Dressed By Lexi” on Sands dAlliez. She’s wearing a sexy ivory lace top that covers her breasts and mid-section like a floral cloud. A long silk skirt drapes her in sheer covering. She has taken on a huge task today, she’s updating her huge store. Working in edit to get her textures just right in their over-sized frames. She hopes to present a new fashion perspective for her patrons.

Deressed by Lexi, Sands dAlliez_002There are several key elements that make Lexi’s store special: her welcoming personality, her wide selection of casual, formal and celebrity fashions and her free monthly gifts to group members.

Dressed by Lexi’s creator rezzed a few chairs beside her elegant fireplace late the next night. How she rebuilt her store so quickly must have meant a sleepless night. Quite pleased to finally be granted a little interview time with her, we settled in for an informative conversation.

Lexi’s Second Life experiences began with a virtual world invitation. While chatting online, her friend suggested she create a Second Life account. Lexi replied that she had no interest in joining a virtual world. But her interest level turned 360 degrees and she decided to go for membership. Though the first sim she explored held no fashion, she was simply amazed with the beauty of the natural setting.

“I remember swimming with the Orcas and meeting a mermaid. I was mesmerized and hooked immediately.  Do you remember that feeling, Netera?” she asked.

As time passed, Lexi became more involved in Second Life, she began creating clothing for herself. Like most new residents, lindens take awhile to build in quantity, and one must be creative when forming a wardrobe. Her friends began recognizing her creative efforts and encouraged her to open a store. In the fall of 2009, Lexi opened Dressed by Lexi  in a friend’s sky sim named Olar Fell. One of her first designs was a University of Michigan cheerleader outfit. She admits she never sold that one, it was just for her. She then moved on to creating rugs and fireplaces. She was proud to have earned $800 lindens the first month. Her efforts were all for fun and patrons learned about her through the Midnight Mania group and organized hunt groups.

“I am so grateful to those that organize these events.  I wouldn’t have grown like I did without them,” she confided.

An Interest Evolves into a Passion

At first it was the encouragement of her friends motivating her, but ultimately, she admits, it was her passion to create clothing that drove her to keep going. Her hobby evolved into something more. Once she started making clothing, she was unable to pull herself away from the art. She loved it that much.

“My first creations were gowns and a few dresses,” she recalled. “I didn’t use sculpts. They were all textures and shapes from prims. At the time I thought they were pretty good, but now I see they were seriously awful. I was learning. I remember creating a long red dress with flowers at the shoulders and a long sash down the back from the flowers. I had no clue that I could have purchased templates to help me. I did it all by trial and error.”

Deressed by Lexi, Sands dAlliez_004When Lexi’s creativity takes form she will either sketch the designs or create theme directly from images in her mind. There are times she even designs them in her dreams.

“I stay current with the latest real life runway fashions, which often times serves as inspiration for what I create. I also adore watching Project Runway and seek inspiration there, as well,” she commented. “I have stacks of fashion magazines at my side at all times. I don’t tend to look at SL fashions for my inspiration.”

__DBL___Hollywood_~_Ms._Loren_March_Gift (1)

Lexi prefers to form her clothing and textures from scratch with prims and sculpts. She limits her use of mesh, but will use it at times. It will take her, on average, three days of intense focusing to create a gown or outfit. Add on a few days to be assured that her work meets her high quality standards and to prepare it for packaging. Her greatest challenge, often, is not an outfit or gown, even though she works to get it just right. Deadlines challenge her and real life obstacles, as well.


Her bestselling gown “of all time” is called Mesmerize, which is sheer, sensual and elegant with gentle flowing wispy soft fabric. First offered as the group gift in November 2013, it is available in Gold, Green Ice, Scarlet, White Nights, Ebony, Lavender Ice, Sunrise Shimmer and Silver.

__DBL___Intrigue_Jewelry (1)

Asked what keeps her customers coming back, she replied that they are fully aware of her commitment to producing a quality product that fits like a dream and doesn’t cost a monthly tier. Added incentive to return time and time again is the benefit of membership. Monthly gifts have been offered since January 2010. Often members can purchase matching high heels and accessories for a very affordable price. There’s no need to shop around, for a special necklace when it’s right in front of you.

Lexi continues to feature great fashions. Two to four times a month she offers a special 55L sale, as well as a 99L sale. Once a year, she promotes a “Black Friday,” for even greater deals. Her new releases are often on sale for a limited time before receiving a regular price tag.


”Perhaps what I love most about SL Fashion is that it seems to me that we as designers and fashionistas can be more fashion forward than we can be in are real lives,” she told me.  “How wonderful it is to be able to wear things that we’d not be able to wear otherwise.  We even have many wonderful formal venues to visit in which we can flaunt our favorite gowns.  Fashion in SL gives us freedom from real life limitations. May we all be fashion divas!”

located at: Sands dAlliez (98,140,2491)