The 24 Squared event_008

This “Torch Song” Gown, by Tres Beau, is simply gorgeous with its feather sleeves, gradual shades and brilliant red. Also available in fushia, gold, creme and black.

To truly know all Second Life has to offer, one must explore. Thanks to my friend, Landa Crystal, a devoted high-fashion blogger in this extremely creative virtual world, I set my navigational explorations to a wonderful adventure in fashions: The 24 Squared event sponsored by Siren Productions. Not only was I impressed with the quality of content offered, I was kept quite busy walking through the fashion town. I wish I had the opportunity to have attended the scheduled fashion shows Sept. 5-13. What an impressive lineup with a Cheerno Fashion Show, SL Radio Live with popular DJs, Lybra, 24² Men’s and Women’s Exclusive Shows, AIM European Opening Party, Rapture, 69 Park Ave, Gabriel, JUMO, WoW Skins, Pure Poison, Gizza, SCALA all represented. A LIVGLAM Fashion Show ended the event.

Here’s what I saw during my 2 hour walk about town.

The 24 Squared event_007

Honey Bender-Auer knows how to create an eye-catching fashion photo. This impressive texture on the back wall of her store drew me in, and probably everyone else. Her work is bold, realistic, high-fashion quality with what appears to me to be dramatic and artistic influences. More info at http://newpussycat.wordpress.com.

24 squared part 3_00424 squared part 3_003Kastle Rock Couture’s “Natasha Gown” in black is stunning with its rigged mesh corset, flexi fabric and sparkle skirts which presents a sophisticated pattern and full skirt. Gloves with sculpt cuffs and a mesh bracelet make it a timeless formal gown. Adored “Midnight in the Garden’s” textured bodice with front and back roses and a flexi ballgown skirt. The delicately arranged black roses between the bodice and the full skirt make the gown so much more special. I think “Twilight’s” protagonist would look lovely in this.

The 24 Squared event_001The 24 Squared event_002Became a Lybra member last night. Paid the requested fee and hope to enjoy the rewards. Loved the fact that the designer offered men’s stylish tanks and cozy winter sweaters, all quite realistic in presentation. Colorful tops and short dresses for women. Love his style and that he was available when I had a question.

The 24 Squared event_004

Danielle’s Gothic Madame Silver gown of satin and lace is high-fashion for all paranormal lovers. Each element adds a sexy, ultra feminine touch to a wardrobe that is often battle or power oriented. The hairstyle is perfect. It will take the night life to a whole new level! Definitely elegant with visions of seduction. She also presented her Arianna Green gown with a lovely tropical pattern that is truly a beautiful tribute to nature’s own art.

The 24 Squared event_005

The 24 Squared event_006

Early on, Carrie Snowpaw became one of my favorite fashion designers. So I was pleased to see her participating in 24 Squared. She continues to amaze me in how far she can create elegant mesh gowns. Pictured are her Rosazul Carnation gown which is nothing less than a star maker, it’s bold Academy Award fashion demands the attention of SL celebrities. Check out Snowpaws! This black and white gown is unique. I love the vines in the hem.

The 24 Squared event_009

KL Couture’s ad texture in front of the store was enchanting. The ivory evening gown reminded me of a flock of a thousand doves.

The 24 Squared event_011

24 squared part 2_001

LG Boutique featured ultra modern short dresses with sexy heels. I couldn’t walk away from (Summer 14) Ghost Bagged 1. Love the color and the pattern. Landa would look great in it.

24 squared part 2_003

24 squared part 2_002

Purple Moon had a Belladonna Mesh Outfit, which appeared, to me, futuristic and very bold. I also liked the “Dietrich” mauve gown, a mesh rigged dress. It fit like a glove, flowed well, and would be perfect for dancing with the one you love.