Holiday shopping2014_001By Netera Landar

My first stop to search for my holiday wardrobe is at Morea’s (Morea Style (107, 48, 32). I didn’t have to walk very far. Morea knows what SL women want and she made sure to put it close to the landing area.
Holiday shopping2014_002The first gown that demanded my attention was “Marilyne.” The red is striking in color and detail. It features both flexi and mesh, is body hugging in all the right places and fans out for fullness. A delicate necklace does not compete with the gown. The fur top is optional and adds a soft elegance. Wear your hair up with diamond earrings. Also available in ivory with small red bows.

Morea’s “Santa Style” number will tease your partner. It makes you a gift and promises a passionate night. Complete with Santa hat, red top, bow and fur slip.

“Liliange” reminds me of a Christmas angel with its feathery top and skirt. It’s sweet and adorable. Topped with flowers and all glittery.

Holiday shopping2014_004

Holiday shopping2014_006
Holiday shopping2014_005

And we are off to Dressed by Lexi, Sands dAlliez (98, 240, 2491) Lexi took the time from her busy schedule to lead me to her winter courtyard. In a blue market stall I came upon “Winter Elegance,” a sweet holiday gown available in sky blue, green and red. Comes with matching half boots. To the left, you’ll find “Passion.” The red rose bodice is short and sweet and just about covers you. The sheer bodice will tease and show off your great figure, trimmed in the middle with holiday colors. Purchase the Passion Rose Jewelry for a nominal fee: delicate pearls, red beads and two freshly picked roses. Very pretty.

Lexi, who usually thinks of everything you need for a complete ensemble, created “Radiance,” which was so beautiful I purchased it. This gown is nothing short of romantic. Tight fitting bodice is matched with a full ball-gown style skirt. Wear your hair down and grab a pair of Lexi’s Christmas pin-up heels. She even sells a matching men’s outfit.


Holiday shopping2014_008Stunning is the only word I can come up with for Styles by Danielle’s (Dani Plassitz) Niamh White Mesh Dress. While everyone is wiggling into their Christmas gowns, you can enter a ballroom wearing what has literally captured the light of a star. The shoulder is like a particle cloud. Comes in white, black, Carmine and Prussian Blue. Heels sold below them so no running around from store to store. Styles by Danielle Sellossberg (216, 12, 22)

Holiday shopping2014_009Azul’s “Lucia” is a show stopper with is black sash red bodice and draping garnet gown. A black inner slip accents the design along with silky gloves The model has Vanity Hair and Virtual Impressions jewelry. Azul joia azul (100, 215, 22)


Holiday shopping2014_010Holiday shopping2014_011Ringing one of my favorite designers, Sonatta Morales, she tells me she’s just released a number of mesh gowns perfect for holiday parties here on SL. I have always admired Sonatta’s skill in reacquainting us with styles of yesteryear. Embracing vintage elegance one gown at a time, she offers mesh gowns. “Achrae” is nothing less than vintage couture with a hint of design across the bodice and down the skirt. Black gloves add to this lovely slimming gown. “Arran” is another gown that you can almost feel the material hugging your curves. The sleek gray material has a touch of black lace and can be worn with a matching lace cloak. Wear a vintage updo and tiered crystal earrings. I also like the mauve color of “Vortex” and its mesh-like design. Best worn with your hair up and with pearls. “Aztec” is a cool blue, form fitting with a long skirt and deco trim. “Cisne’s” beauty offers a soft pink gown that fits like a glove. Don’t forget the long white gloves. Sonatta Morales, Old Time Prims (142, 165, 751)

Holiday shopping2014_012Call it perfect timing, I received a notecard from Wild Orchid and had to check out the holiday fashions of SuzanneMichelle. One gown seemed very unique in its style, “Amaris.” It has a ruffled shoulder, shapely bodice and a red and white toned flexi-like skirt. Wild Orchard, main store, Empire District, (143, 182, 33) on the second floor.

Holiday shopping2014_0014_001A day later, I found another sexy Christmas outfit at House of RFyre Gothic Couture. RFyre’s “Joyeux Mesh Deluxe Ensemble” has a adorable trimmed bolero jacket, form fitting patterned pants, stiletto boots and snowflake earrings. I’ve always liked Raven Pennyfeather’s fashions because they are bold and show women in a more powerful perspective. (House of RFyre & Vengeful Threads, Isle RFyre (132, 202, 25)

Holiday shopping2014_0014_003
On to Snowpaws…Carrie Snowpaw has taken a natural element and given it a whole new purpose with her Rasazul Ice Gown. The sleeveless form fitting gown looks as if it came straight out of a popular fantasy film. Affordable and beautiful, it is a must-have for your winter wardrobe. FYI: I just spoke with Carrie and she has agreed to be a guest on The Netera Landar chat. I’ve brought back my Saturday program in hopes of introducing you to the wonderful, talented, people behind all the things we love on Second Life. She’s booked for Feb. 21, 3 PM SLT in my new coffeeshop on Snug Harbor (104, 107, 23). Hope you all can attend. (Snowpaws by Carrie Snowpaw – Mainstore and Petites Collection, Diamond Oasis (179, 148, 19)

Holiday shopping2014_0014_006

Looking ahead, Paris Metro Couture – (La Samaritaine, Paris, France, Paris Couture (85, 33, 23)) captures the sparkle of the New Year with “Jazz Series, Just Sparkle Mesh” Emerald. The backless dress is lined in pink and ablaze in green and pink and white. It will capture the light in any room you’re in. While others will be wearing black or gold, you’ll stand out in the crowd and be admired.