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By Netera Landar

SL Blogger

Sometimes something has to be rezzed in Second Life before you know it exists. Such is the case of finding a nearby property with a Kendra Zaurak and Funatik Resident build on it. The two-story commercial property, which had a modern urban feel to it, became a photography studio for my former neighbor on Snug Harbor.

Never one to simply admire a build, I clicked on edit and it led me to (FANATIK & Centipede Weapons, FANATIK (128, 128, 22). Several rather large commercial builds were displayed there. Even from the landing point, I was impressed with the quality of the textures. The buildings seemed extremely realistic. Could I have done the unthinkable, entered real life again? Stepping into the center store, I was sure that if I remained at the entrance, a salesman would approach me and inquire what my interest was in terms of the store’s merchandise. Not likely, considering it was simply a display to illustrate the potential of the build. It is that realistic.

Being a curious blogger, I had to learn more about the builder or builders. So I sent a notecard to Kendra and waited patiently for a response. Shortly after, we discussed FANATIK’S unique qualities. Above all, Kendra stressed that the builder’s main goal is to address his/her customers’ needs and to incorporate their ideas in what they build. Kendra is responsible for building the mesh, including the physics models and making textures. Funatik focuses on texturing, meshing and customer service. They make a great team.

“We use various 3d software, as well as image editing software to build our meshes and to make our textures,” Kendra explained.

Asked if some of the builds are based on real life architecture she replied that some were. They have built two architectural masterpieces – the Salt Institute from Louis Khan and the ultra famous Mies Van der Rohe’s Farnsworth house. They also created another building that they call “Era” which was inspired by the work of Studio gang’s from Chicago.

Another important consideration when creating builds is to attempt to be unique, in terms of what is offered in Second Life. Creating one build and stacking them side by side lacks creativity. While you may focus on a central theme, applying different textures, windows, doors, awnings, in variation, can appear more appealing and realistic. Kendra also notes that land impact, fast rezzing times, and quality textures all need to be worked on.

“We can make something with a small size, with a low land impact, and so we try to add as much detail as possible in our texture work. The more detail you have the better and more realistic the build will look. We really try to follow a work flow to offer a wide range of different structures and the best quality possible,” said Kendra.

Their inspiration is kindled through architectural ideas or by watching a movie. The builders began working with sculpties and now create with mesh. They no longer do commissioned work, but certainly will incorporate their customers’ ideas in their builds. They also discuss their builds through their group.

Kendra said that 30% of their sales come from Marketplace and that all their products are listed there. One of my favorites is the “Kensington.”

“We planned the Kensington building to be a commercial structure for those who own small parcels and/or have a small business not justifying a large structure. We choose a “neoclassic” clean style to it, in order to have a wider range of people using it. It is a design that somehow doesn’t compromise any decoration or theme,” she related.

FANATIK also offers landscaping products such as rocks, mountains and caves. If anything, they will continue to offer the best quality products they can.

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