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studio_001An Invitation to Attend or Be A Guest on The Netera Landar Chat

Though it was a lot of work to organize, I always enjoyed hosting a virtual chat. I loved the opportunity of interviewing musicians, authors, artists and fashion designers in a comfortable studio. Because it’s not recorded, the audience can feel free to ask the guest questions at the end of the session. As always, a mature attitude and behavior is expected.

By offering a chat forum, fans of the Second Life artist are able to hear him/her talk about his/her real life career, how he/she learned about Second Life, performing for a virtual audience, and the pros and cons of being an entertainer, artist, author and clothing content designer. It allows us to meet with people we adore and respect and who have added joy to our lives.

I appreciated the wonderful support I had from Patric Rotunno, former owner of the sim Terric, where I originally held my chat. Snug Harbor is where my studio is currently located. My avatar also lives in this beautiful boating community, which firmly promotes a east coast theme. Snug Harbor’s owner, Ty Lomes, renovated an apartment building repurposing it with light, wooden beams. Wall-to-wall windows allow my audience a view of the harbor. My mural is the main boardwalk.


On Sunday, January 4, AM Quar was my first guest. I appreciated his patience in setting up his computer to allow voice. It’s quite a task for musicians with the way they have to wire their computers for performances.

AM resides in Montreal, Canada. He began playing the guitar at 15-years-old. His first influences were Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. He sings in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish and performs a song or two in Italian and Portuguese. His styles range from Blues, Latino, Rock and Ballroom. AM has his own home studio in which to work on compositions and covers. He’s played with bands such as Pop Corn Blues, Morse Code, Andrew Collin, Projet-X and Pro-STyle with Anita Godina. He has a list of over 300 songs, some with back tracks, which he can perform on SL. He even can rez his own stage and lights, which I love.  AM has two CD’s on the market which are recorded with his rl name: Andre Massicotte. You can find his music on any big mp3 sellers on the Internet: iTunes, Napseter, E-Music

Then the wonderfully creative Mary Wickentower was my guest on Jan. 24th. Though she wasn’t able to get voice to cooperative, we were still able to promote her Machinima and learn about the LEA project.



Back in December 2013, I interviewed Mary for Unforgettable magazine. I had known about her passion for filming Machinima and was interested in learning about how one could use Second Life as a setting and its avatars as characters. Imagine the possibilities of this creative format: musicians having videos created of their performances, authors’ trailers luring the reader into the storyline or mini movies that allow the producer to map out and actually present various settings without costing millions of dollars or taking two years to produce.

Here’s a few of her Machinima projects:





The multi-talented Beth Odets sat on the couch beside me on Saturday, Jan. 31. I thank both her friends and fans for showing their support by attending the chat. Beth has been playing violin for as long as she can remember. She was also one of the first live musicians in Second life (2005). In real life, she plays Classical Violin and Fiddle professionally. Her solo performances in Second Life feature both Violin/Fiddle and Guitar/Vocals.  She plays and sings Originals and Covers – an eclectic mix that ranges from “Blues to Bluegrass” and from “Mozart to Metallica.” You will often find Beth “Dual” streaming with other musicians. She is well known for her ability to jump into any musical situation with her violin. She has streamed with many, including:  Maximillian Kleene, Strum Diesel, CelticMaidenWarrior, Laidback Celt, TerryLynn Melody, Kat Rose Serendipity, and many others! She has also performed with SL musicians at various real life functions.

Beth Odets Jan. 31_001

Beth Odets Jan. 31_003Beth Odets Jan. 31_004Slated to appear are Carrie Snowpaw, a very popular fashion designer, Saturday, Feb. 21 and Rosedrop Rust on Saturday, Feb. 28 at 3PM slt. I need to confirm that TerryLynn Melody can be my guest on Feb 7. Fingers crossed.

If you’d like to be a guest or sponsor the chat, IM me on Second Life: Netera Landar.