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The Breakers Community on Second Life

Holiday Gala

I’ve had the opportunity to live on more than a few sims throughout my years on Second Life. There is one community that does an excellent job in planning activities. The Breakers, originally created eight years ago by Kay Merlin, are owned and managed by NYCharlie and Smilemaker Mathy. People actually know and talk to each other on the four sims. They have book and film discussion groups, themed parties with DJs, games and more. There’s numerous one and two story homes, a movie theater, library, tavern, church and a coffee shop. Apartments are available for those carefully budgeting their lindens. The surrounding water is beautiful, often twinkling and calming.

Breakers holiday party_005The party pictured above was The Breakers Holiday Gala. As always, Templar Graves did a wonderful job with decorating. I adored the animals, which even though they were not moving, appeared to circle the Christmas tree. He’s a real pro and actually loves the job.

DJ Merlinzz Magic did a wonderful job playing popular music and keeping everyone in a dancing mood. He often is called upon to entertain.

According to Kay Merlin, Breakers was formed almost eight years ago to reflect a small village in New England circa 1950. Research focused on recreating the architectural style of the era. Kay built some of the homes, some were contracted with a builder and the majority were done by a New England home builder that is no longer in Second Life.

“The cornerstone of Breakers was an old red wooden fish shanty which is located in real life in Rockport, Massachusetts,” said Merlin. “It is perhaps the most often-painted building in America. So much so that to artists it is largely known as Motif #1.

Merlin said creating an actual community where people socialized, lived close together, and participated in weekly events was the main concept. Clearly, NYCharlie, Smilemaker, Isabel Palfrey and Templar Graves have devotedly continued on that concept and added their own enjoyable activities to attend.

Check out the Breakers. You won’t be disappointed.  Breakers (27,152,25)

Bundy Opens Her New Venue, The Place was Packed…


blind boy and Kevin_007

blind boy and Kevin_003

Blindboy Gumbo was on stage when I teleported to Bundy’s new venue on opening day.











blind boy and Kevin_005

Mike C. and KevinMThomas Carpool and their goats.


blind boy and Kevin_014




blind boy and Kevin_016

blind boy and Kevin_012

It was opening day at Bundy’s new venue and the place was packed. Having just closed the B&B, we were all pleasantly surprised with Bundy’s unique Inca/Mayan/Aztec build with it’s impressive size and professional looking textures.

Booked for the grand opening were StayAwayJoe at 11 p.m. followed by Wread Writer, Satch, Rara Destiny, JP and Blindboy Gumbo. KevinMThomas Carpool (along with friend Mike and two adorable goats) closed the show at 5 a.m. I would imagine most of the people that filled the venue were either from England or Australia. But there were some early bird Americans there, too. Caught my friend any1.gynoid in the audience. The artists’ were entertaining and the gigs breezed by. Good luck to Bundy and may she be as successful in this venture as she was with B&B’s. Location: Heaven or Hell (52, 114, 27).


Beautiful Places…..Max’s Cafe

Beautiful settings_001

In search of beauty and realistic settings, I began my journey in France. Though I may never have the opportunity to venture there in real life, Second Life can set me down in a peaceful cafe where the sound of a lone bird chirps and a fountain pours from a high tier to the next.

At Max’s Cafe, Paradise Found (30, 130, 3500) an outdoor cafe is dressed in red and white checkerboard tablecloths and matching umbrellas shield one from the afternoon sun. Upon the tables are elegant floral tea settings, ice cream sundaes, croissants and plump blueberries.

Beautiful settings_005On one of the many park benches rests a very content gray cat on a Scottish pillow. He pretends to ignore the little bird to his left.

Greedy is played in the courtyard, while the stage is set for a mid-day performance.

Beautiful settings_007The bakery’s tricycle has delivered its first order and ready for the next while the local artist helps himself to freshly baked pastries while no one is looking.


 The Remarkably Serene Tempura…

Beautiful places_002 Beautiful places_003 Beautiful places_004A long established favorite sim is known as “Japan Tempura Island.” If anything, it is at the heart of what Second Life creators attempt to establish, for there is far more to a virtual world then what prims and textures can represent. There is a calming harmony, a respect for the gift of nature, the weaving of the right music to set the environment into one of a social connection. There is also the mysterious nature of its creator. I would be shocked and honored to meet the artist responsible for creating a little bit of Heaven. Explore its many beautiful corners: its forests, the water’s edge, ballroom and tai chi wheels. (TEMPURA ISLAND 121,44, 32)


How to Contact Me….

coffee shop_001

 Most nights I can be found on Snug Harbor in Netera’s Coffee Shop or take the TP up to my chat studio. I’m interested in story ideas for this blog and guests for the Netera Landar Chat. Netera’s coffee shop, Snug Harbor (104, 108, 23). Groups are welcome to book a day in my coffee shop for meetings. Wednesdays a moral dilemma meeting is held. Don’t be a stranger, ask me about my new paranormal mystery.

Next story on my log is: Beau Belle Coffee Shop, which is also a cozy venue.