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OneBillion_001While everyone was dancing the night away on Valentine’s Day, I wanted the opportunity to explore the “One Billion Rising” sim dedicated to “Breaking the Chain of Violence.” The focus was domestic violence and the knowledge that women are not possessions. They are not invisible. They have a right to explore their interests, to not hide behind a veil all their lives, to have a family and career, and to feel safe and loved in their own homes.

After teleporting to the OBR sim, I was greeted by Garnet Psaltery, who told me to start my exploration by working my way around the outside to see all the art exhibits. Down the path with the flags, one could work toward the center stage where a DJ entertained. I clicked on a notecard by Soffia Widdershins and learned that the one-day event covered four sims. It was represented by art, music, dance and attended by both men and women.

OneBillion_003The first exhibit featured large Black Forest drums with various artwork displayed. I saw the drums as a silent beacon. Had there been a recording of a drumming circle, I think the exhibit would have been more powerful. The drums used in many cultures, along with chanting, have the potential to create a union of thought. In trying to determine the chosen statement, why the assembly of these images, I sensed nature’s beauty from the flowers, sweetness from the watermelon, chaos from the paint splatters, hard, dark, abusive power and entrapment in the paintings and photographs.


Of all the images I adored this one. I believe it was a watercolor. It is both dark and fragile, clearly a form of beauty entrapped.


SL residents from all walks of life enjoyed the DJs musical selection. Even the ebony horse raised a hoof. The outdoor venue was spacious and uplifting.



Art and dance were merged to present the talent, beauty and strengths of women. I found the trees shaped like women to be symbolic and appropriate. Today’s woman has the potential to pursue all her dreams if she is not held back by past generation’s beliefs that a woman should only be a wife and mother and if she is allowed the same educational rights as men.


There were several areas where large sculptures were featured. Each could have been interpreted differently by the individuals that saw them. There is no right or wrong perspective for I believe the artist’s goal is to have you consider the image composition and for it to generate discussion among your friends. You may touch upon a subject that you feel strongly about, yet have never had the opportunity to voice your opinion. With the above sculpture, I clearly sense women are feed information and are bound to it. We’re like robots through social conformity. Below, the open door sculpture means freedom to me. For many young girls and women, doors are never open to them. The question is why?