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Choices owners: Sierra Wallace and jShawn Thirdborn. The venue is located at Made (217,51,22)

Snapshot_002While others spend an hour at a music venue, I am happiest exploring as many venues as possible on Friday and Saturday nights. That’s my reward to myself after work. I admit it, I’m a sim jumper, but without the freedom of  teleporting whenever I feel like it, I would not have met the friendly people in this virtual world or visited so many special settings available to Second Life residents.


Center stage where the DJ and hostess stand.

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Numerous special touches add to the venue’s comfort and beauty.

Snapshot_003After hearing about “Choices” from a group prompt, I decided to check it out. The best way to describe jShawn Thirdborn and Sierra Wallace’s venue is a music pavilion adored with both touches of home and nature.  Opened Sept. 14, 2014, it offers a spacious dance floor which allows patrons plenty of space to dance. The textures are warm and inviting, detailed in every way. Toward the landing point, on either side are seating areas. Black leather Stonewood Interior wingback chairs whisper for your attention. An animal skull and candles rest on the matching side table. A pile of books is topped with reading glasses and a lovely vase of white iris pulls it all together. In the corner, a Frank Lloyd Wright style contained fountain blends the exterior landscaping, bringing nature within the structure. The mesh jacquard sofa is comfortable enough for its prop, featuring two more easy chairs and a walnut and tile trunk coffee table. Center stage, where the DJ and hostess stand, is an impressive Dolly Heart Chyra Waterfall, making it a dynamic focal point flanked by autumn trees and green and floral gardens. A SOHO fireplace braces twin “Choices” signs presenting a mirrored image of the flowing waters behind them. A lovely touch. The other side of the venue carries over the balanced image of its twin with similar furniture with the same motif.


When I visited Choices for the first time, DJ Kate Burner was entertaining and Heather was the hostess. On the right side of the dance floor were the owners dancing and greeting people. Many of the patrons seemed to know each other and were having a great time being together and enjoyed the music.

“We bought the building, but modified about 80% with our own textures and arrangements to fit our needs,” said jShawn. “Darryl Streeter is the build’s creator. We wanted to keep it open so no one feels boxed in. It makes it more relaxing. The waterfall behind the stage, and rustic furniture within, provide a cozy atmosphere.”

Cozy is definitely the word for it. But for jShawn, it’s also about family, relaxing, hanging out, reconnecting, and connecting with new people. You’re not only greeted by jShawn and Sierra, but their friends, the DJ and the hostess, as well. The club features 20 DJs and 15 hosts, each with their individual entertaining styles. Genres showcased are Classic Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, and Top 40 hits. Hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 4 to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 4 to 10 p.m. and Sunday closed.

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