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I ventured into inWorldz one day to explore new builds as well as familiar ones. A short search led to SkyeRyder Varriale. After hoping on the TP express, I located her office, and left a message for her. There is so much more that can be learned when interviewing a builder then just a simple self-guided tour of their residential or commercial builds. Contact was made and I met up with Skye in Second Life.


On Coeur Duchy we enjoyed a relaxing carriage ride. I listened to SkyeRyder as she informed me that the land we are on has eight regions. Where we are riding appears to be connected to the educational Rocco Sorrentia isles. Coeur Duchy is set in the 1800s and is rented to the public. There is also a very nice shopping area.

“We have been here since 2007,” SkyeRyder recalled as the carriage set out on its pre-determined course. She informed me that ‘we’ stands for her and her real life friend, Tatiana Dokuchic Varriale. “The Duchy used to be 14 regions, but time and pricing took care of that.”

Then it dawned on me that Tatiana has the teahouse that I had visited many times over the years. SkyeRyder’s project on Second Life and Inworldz is Varriale Designs.


She continues, “This is all residential except for Devonshire Castle which is for events. We are heading there now.” We arrive at our destination. At Devonshire, she shows me the ballroom and garden, part of a public venue, set between 1750 and 1890. “We try to make it a romantic version of the period, not just historically accurate. We don’t do serious roleplay here, but we don’t object to our residents doing it.”


Riding through the shopping area SkyeRyder stated that there are eight or nine period shops. Tatiana has her store on the sim and if you count Varriale Designs, which is on a platform above the sim, that would add up to ten stores, Victorian and European, 1700s and 1800s, mostly of French origin.


SkyeRyder then teleportated me to Provence Coeur (129, 146, 34), stating this is France Contea. The region is also one that she sells the design for anyone interested in it for their own sim. In this region were two renters, at the time, sharing a half sim each, though one residence was up for rent.



Onward we teleportated to Franca Contea Coeur (98, 169, 24) where she showed me a new home she just built. “Mystral Lake House” is sold furnished for $8,800L. Many of her other homes are sold for $9,500, the reason being the work involved and the realistic qualities of her builds. She informed me that Mystral even comes with a removable lake.

Mystral Lake House is a two level gray home designed with roses in front. It’s mod/copy, part mesh. Walking a few feet to the entrance, you immediately appreciate her use of pairing stone and wood nicely accented with her choice of landscape. Nature is brought indoors with floor-to-ceiling windows which allow natural light into the foyer. The great room provides a spacious floor plan, perfect for entertaining your friends.

“Most of my homes are in two rezzers on my lands,” she stated. “I have over 100, but I have only some of the newest on the land. I create beach homes, cottages, period homes and castles,” she said and we moved off to tour a few of them. “This is the Tiburon,” Skye announced.


Snapshot_041Snapshot_010Snapshot_042The home is furnished, mod/copy and rings in at $9,500L. The size alone is impressive. It may be big, but its architectural design is well balanced. It’s clear that her signature style is an open floor plan with well-thought out interior spaces. This home’s focal point is the built-in book cases and fireplace. The large picture windows frame in a well-landscaped sim, giving you the feeling of being one with nature and not closed in. The décor consists of two couches with a cocktail table, side tables, and a behind the couch table offer a perfect sitting room. Stone pillars frame the dining room, adding a nice architectural touch. Modern lighting adds industrial details and a glass and ebony table is flanked by high back chairs.

Onward we move to the next home.Snapshot_021Snapshot_038

new may 10 2_003At the Buena Vista Beach House you’ll be darn right cozy. The perfect lover’s retreat is only 387 prims. You’ll love the warm textures and the large bedroom on the main floor. The upper terrace is a wonderful bonus. There’s enough room for general seating arrangements. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a gorgeous perspective to your SL world never blocking the landscape or beach. An added feature is the large aquarium, which makes you feel one with the sea. The modern interior has two sitting areas, a combination living room and dining room. What I love the most are the details of trees incorporated into the design of the door.

Then there’s the Sandpiper. If your parcel has a smaller footprint, this would be the perfect contemporary build for you.

Snapshot_039Snapshot_040My first impression of The Sandpiper is it’s a good use of space. Another great contemporary with a great room design. Floor-to-ceiling windows perfect for beach or Colorado environment. Plenty of entertaining space in the dedicated dining room, at the counter breakfast bar, or by the fireplace. There’s a picture window in the upstairs master bedroom with plenty of room for a sitting area or two. Enjoy sunrise or sunset on the balcony. There’s a lovely guest room with contemporary furnishings and another bedroom and bath, which would be good for an SL roommate. The attached main level patio has a beautiful sitting area with birch and purple/green plants and a pond which would be nice for coy.


At the end of the tour, Skye tells me that she’s the owner of a dance studio in real life. She’s a ballet master, artistic director and that she’s owned her business for almost 26 years. How wonderful is that?

–Netera Landar