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Far left, (the lovers) Orange Invatision, Vaiuna Artwork 2013. Middle, They are here by HeLa Lennie. Right, Fight with Passion by Gitu Aura.


Sky on Fire sculpture by Faith Maxwell.

Exploration is key to finding the valuable gems in Second Life. By attempting to wind my way though Second Life’s birthday bash this year, I learned about Omagination Art Gallery located on Rich Island (104, 64, 21). Having collected the notecard about the gallery from the birthday exhibit, I set aside some quality time to walk through the various wings of one of the two galleries.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Landar purchased the FANATIK contemporary builds and made only a few minor modifications. His initial plan was to create a space in which to exhibit his work, but he realized it would be far better to promote the work of other artists. By adapting his focus, he presented in 2010 a gallery of multi-talented individuals in a space with clean lines, open areas, which were warm and inviting.


Staircase leading to the second level.

“I wanted to create a space that encouraged people to explore the galleries and have a place to contemplate the art. I love nature and wanted the natural setting to add to the experience.”

The gallery does not have a mission statement. He merely is committed to supporting other artists by offering a free space to show their work.

“I do not take any commission so all of the sales go directly to the artist. My team and I work hard to market their art so they get the exposure,” he explained.


Far left, Angels Decent by Consuela Caldwell. Dancer by Lisisme Dubrovna (oil on canvas). Dyptic – FLIP MOVE n.1 by marielou.decuir (original mixed media on cavas). Far right, Polution by Lilly Bracken (oil on canvas 2010)

He limits themed exhibits believing they restrict creativity. Though there have been two events. The White Gala, held in January, featured artwork primarily in white, with the sim in a winter cloak. There was also the Second Life 12th birthday celebration exhibit, especially created for the event.


Samantha in Wonderland by Shakti Adored.

Selecting work for the gallery is done by viewing the work of artists in various virtual galleries. He also scans endlessly through Flicker and Facebook art groups. For work to be accepted in his gallery, it has to reach his emotions or inspire him to think about the artist’s message.


Samantha in Wonderland, Flower Eye – For Kylie, Madam Butterfly, Flowers from Heaven all by Shakti Adored.

“If it touches me, makes me think, or pushes me outside my own comfort zone, then that is art I want to show. If it tells a story…I don’t like to settle on things that are simply pleasing to my eye. I am drawn to art that engages me.”


Where my Soul Goes by Shakti Adored.

Exhibits are featured for six to eight weeks to allow the presentation of more artwork.

“All artists have a perspective that is solely theirs and that is what makes their work unique,” replied Landar when asked if he came across any exceptional artists. “I think the artists whose work I chose to exhibit in my gallery are all exceptionally talented. I am still amazed that every time I go out to look at galleries or installations I am inspired by the depth of creativity to be found in Second Life.”


Strong Suit by Owen Landar.


Coming Out of a Dream by Littleone Aries and Cello by Benvinundo Moskalev.

A big thank you to our main sponsor: WRE Real Estate.

A big thank you to our main sponsor: WRE Real Estate.