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When last I spoke with Toysoldier Thor he told me he was headed to The Only Venue. There was a new talent on the music scene and he goes by the name of Dominoe Effect. Never to pass up a Guitar Zane gig when I had the time to escape work, I clicked on the landmark Toy, a real life and Second Life artist, gave me and bang, I was hooked.

There had to be at least 50 people in the venue, so I prayed I wouldn’t crash before hearing another song. The 29-year-old father of two from Minnesota could really belt out a tune. His manager, Jordan Jarman, will tell you that Dom is a new singer/songwriter that projects a raw, penetrating, natural talent that pulls listeners in with his sound.


“Vocally Dom has been inspired by the likes of Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave, as well as the lead singer of Shinedown, Brent Smith,” Jarman said late that night after the gig. “Other musical influence is drawn from bands such as Lifehouse and Goo Goo Dolls.”

So I wanted to learn more about this spanking new Second Life musician. He granted me an interview right after his performance at The Only Venue and was patient with my usual SL obstacles. You really need to reboot your whole computer when you go to the concerts with a full house. I didn’t so he talked and I typed.

Snapshot_009We sat in my coffee shop on Snug Harbor and I listened to him tell me how he started playing the guitar when he was 18 years old. His friend had a few guitars at home and he started teaching him Green Day songs. Dom’s mother bought him his first guitar from a music store in Forest Lake, Minnesota.

“I’ve been singing my whole life,” he said. “First in choir in school and church, but I didn’t develop vocals until the last three to five years. I’m self-taught. I started trying to mimic my favorite artists, to try and figure out how they do it, without straining my voice.”

Now you’ll find him playing rock, alternative, oldies, such as “House of the Rising Sun,” oldie and blues that is completely laid back.

It helps him express how he feels, depending on his mood, and relieves stress.  He stated that writing music is a challenge for him. His responsibilities as a father come first and focusing on lyrics can be difficult to grasp during his free time. What he excels in is definitely hitting the high notes.

Dom learned about Second Life in a PalTalk room he helped manage. Collin Martin and friend AllieKattz had already come to Second Life and had figured out the basics, as well as how musicians perform here.

When Dom came inworld he said he looked like such a newb. Kattz told him to hang out at Key West to see how things came together for performers. One day old he gets banned.

“I didn’t understand what to do. I really stuck out,” he admitted. “Allie was mainly the one to convince me to try it out and so I became intrigued. “I felt I could do it, I just had to learn how. I didn’t come here for the money. That’s not why I play. I want people to hear me sing. That’s what I love doing.”

I can tell you that this young daddy can quickly fill a venue. If you love TwinGhost, Guitar Zane and Skye Galaxy, you’ll love Dom.

Snapshot_004Molly Masingh, co- owner of The Only Venue with Jake Puhpow, recognizes Dom as an amazing soulful artist. She said he sings with passion and love for what he does.

“He’s always witty and charming when he’s on stage and engages the audience,” she said. “You can certainly see that people love him and his music.”  She heard him perform only once and knew he would hit it big on Second Life. Catch his gig at The Only Venue every other week.

Toysoldier Thor stated that he’s heard numerous musicians of varying degrees of caliber, stage presence, and popularity. When a friend asked if he heard of a new Second Life musician called Dominoe Effect he replied, “no.”

“They said I had to hear him, so that night I actually did. I didn’t hear more than a couple of songs to realize Dom will be the next big following and buzz in our community. The power of his crisp voice and a wide vocal range, his falsetto, his mature guitar skill, and his amazing handling of a genre of music not often heard tackled…classic and modern rock. It’s great to see and hear a new, fresh, music talent inject into the SL music scene. I quickly became a fan,” said Thor.


Links you’ll want:

Toysoldier’s blog:  http://www.toysoldierthor.com/

The Only Venue, Sylvhara (193, 65, 22) moderate

Listen to Dominoeeffect here: https://soundcloud.com/dom-200