Destination: Immersiva (14, 107, 23) The Gathering of Bryn Oh Exhibit

By Netera Landar

Unforgettable Magazine blogger

It seems that the very fiber of our lives is defined by how we perceive the world and our ability to file it in categories which can be interpreted. We have been taught to recognize how everything relates to us on some level. History frames the existence of our lives by the just or unjust actions of others. Creation/Science is at the heart of everything that breathes or exists. Language determines interaction at work and home, even art, which is created by individuals in its purest form, is categorized. So it seems only natural for us when observing, appreciating, assimilating art to say, “This is what it is.”

Those of you familiar with the artistic creations of new media artist Bryn Oh raise your hand. You may not have explored Bryn’s work, but if you are on Second Life you have seen frequent recognition of it through the Destination Guide. Bryn is simply “unique.”

Snapshot_001My partner, Alexander, and I entered Bryn’s artistic realm late one night. After clicking an informational board allowing an exhibit to take motion, we watched giant pinball machine balls roll to the left. It actually made you feel as if you were in the machine. The scripting has the balls rocking and breaking. Bryn also mentioned wall walkers on another display board.



Click the first poster to make a donation and the second to teleport to Bryn’s Shop.

We then teleported to the skyplatform store. These sculptures were on the grounds. Make sure you see all the objects from various perspectives.


Many of Bryn’s sculptures remove or underdevelop the form so you can see the innerworkings or basic structure.


The sculptures or characters looking at themselves.


Reminds me of a projector.

Alexander’s first impression of the art was that it was abstract in design (the setting and figures were the perception of an insane mind. Having dug a little deeper into Bryn’s profile, I could now look beyond “Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton-like imagery” to what Alex was visualizing. This appeared to be “mental disorientation in a psychiatric ward.”

After watching various YouTube films on her blog, it finally clicked: Bryn is an extremely talented machinima artist, and storyteller, and these 3D sculptures in her store are part of her commissioned music videos or her own short films. One music video she produced was for musician (1) Megan Bernard: “Clean Up Your Life.” Or  “Imogen and the Pigeons,” which I believe to be a young woman who is heartbroken after her lover leaves her. She emotionally slides into a delusional- depressive state where she wishes to fly away to an uncomplicated existence.

The following are some of Bryn’s sculptures. A Gothic asylum creates the perfect backdrop for characters in the stories. I recommend not viewing the short YouTube films right away. As a creative exercise, let your imagination wander and create your own storyline.


Careful where you step in Bryn’s store. At the entrance there are large insects and other creatures standing about.


This unnamed sculpture reminds me of a papier mache doll. Bryn uses poems to form the body of this winged female. There’s also working gears for the heart.


Really love this sculpture. I sense dragonfly and steampunk elements.


“Virginia Alone” is my favorite of the sculptures. I sense Virginia drifting into the past remembering her youth, family dinners, her lover’s embrace. The face is very realistic. There’s a sweetness to her that is so natural you want to sit next to her.


“Chalk Fingers” is described in one of the videos. “So many things depart.” He traces things lost, perhaps to help remind him of their existence.

Vera Lynnbot – I remember hearing over the intercom “Dr. Valentino to the OR”. Perfect announcement to make. It’s almost as if the patients are hearing what they want even on the intercom. (Valentino was an actor and the subject of many women’s fantasies.) Vera has no voice, is lost in thought, feeling helpless or fragile, heartbroken, is what I sense with this figure.


“Elliot” – “was shy and liked moths.”


“God and Friends” – Jewish Museum in Berlin.


“Juniper” – “Come with me, together we’ll hide. Hold me in the darkness and no outside. People are cruel, winters are cold, and I don’t fit in.”


Mother and Daughter – I sense the silence of youth. We are not allowed to be who we desire to be. Parents always monitoring our every move. Years later, we learn that they are protecting us and trying to keep us on the right path.


Ever patient – No, he’s not a sculpture. Alex waits as I take pictures for the blog.


A rusted train no longer of any use.


“Octobot Curiousity” – Child watches the mobile orbiting around the fountain.


“Atom Swan” – As if someone could no longer grasp the features of a living swan. Seems as if it’s made of metal. Or, it’s something else, but that’s what the person prefers to see.


“Gretchen and Teddy Bear” – Gretchen does not look well and her teddy bear is worn almost as if she’s held it all her life.


“Shopping bags blowing in the sky. She pretended they were butterflies.”


1- http://brynoh.blogspot.com/