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By Netera Landar

Unforgettable Blogger

Omagination Art Gallery’s second annual White Show received a vibrant show of support from virtual art lovers on January 9th. The formal event was hosted by Owen Landar and Vishous Vansant (Omagination Art Gallery when it was in Nagaro Valley 24, 50, 2301). No less than 90 formally dressed guests filled the large gallery during the performances of Soulvision, Nina Bing and FrankLee Anatra. Throughout the build, sensual figures graced large white canvas’ offering a whisper of beauty strung like an elegant pearl necklace.


–Above, left, Still Life – By Jarla Capalini Sperber

This elegant study in still life captures how light and shading can project a sense of depth, dimension and weight. Slight variations in shape create an interesting presentation.

“Basically, what I like most is playing with colors, lights and shadows, experimenting different techniques to pull out from a simple snap something that can give a thrill to the viewers,” said Jarla.

–Above right, Empty canvas with shadow, nude by Jarla Capalini Sperber.

Take away the basic outline of shape and there is still great beauty in a gentle whisper of shading.


–Typographic Portrait XII by Morgana Nagorski

A creative, playful way of representing the curves and sensuality of her female model.

“At first they were just simple snaps and casually taken, but then I bought photoshop and I was quickly hooked.  Over the years I have had many, many exhibitions, been curator of 3 galleries and then owned my own gallery for a few years,” said Morgana of her nine years spent on Second Life.


–Barely There by Morgana Nagorski

It’s precisely that. Light detail in the shoulders, cleavage, arm and neck makes you aware of the young woman’s form. Dark eye lashes draw your attention as well as a sweet dab of hot pink lipstick.


–Winter Moon III by Morgana Nagorski

Resembles a winding staircase and fits appropriately beside the actual stairs of the gallery.


–Vacity by Gitu Aura

The moment I saw this I felt as if the subject had a spiritual awakening. There is a sense of purity and beauty that demands nothing more of the model.

Gitu said, “Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and it awakens my soul. I am crazy about B & W and sepia photos.

I like when photos speak without words, when you can feel the mood of them. Sometimes to ask a good question is better than to give an answer…”


–Lonely by Gitu Aura

So much about a person’s innermost thoughts  can be expressed through the eyes. I sense sadness possibly regret.


–Way to Nowhere by Gitu Aura

There’s power in her gaze. Perhaps she’s judging an action or determining if he is worth of her attention.


–The promotional poster was equally seductive. The winter dressed trees were the perfect stage decor.


–Don’t Cry Don’t Cry, Pencil and Paper, Rage Darkstone

–The Unbearable Delicacy of Friendship, Pencil and Paper, Rage Darkstone

Existence in a simple movement, almost as if the color and lines are taking flight.


–Imperfect Serenity, Paper and Pencil, Rage Darkstone

–Lost in Change, Pencil and Paper, Rage Darkstone


The art gallery has transitioned into Omagination Art Village Kinky 2 (215, 107, 499) was Freja Merryman’s wing. She has a great eye for color and clearly tells a story with her photography. Numerous other talented artists are featured. Teleports take you to where your interest lie.


–Maelstrom II by Freja Merryman

There is no division of subject and background. She easily melts into the foggy night. You can feel the breeze from the movement of her beautiful hair.

Snapshot_023–The Leaving by Freja Merryman

The Leaving is simply gorgeous. The midnight theme sets the mood for what may be perceived as the end of a relationship. Writers might use it as a prompt to begin a book or a song.


How clever to use the raven for a bio statement giver? Just don’t tell Poe.

Snapshot_028–Magdalene by Freja Merryman

If Freja is portraying Mary Magdalene she may be showing the transformation from a fallen woman to one accepted by God. The colors are vivid. You can almost sense the darkness in the chamber with the exception of the candles burning late into the night.