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Second Life has a treasure chest full of interesting places to explore. You’re never too sure what to expect until you virtually land at your destination.

Clever, clever, clever was my first impression when accepting the TP to Casablanca (Pelican Point – Nantucket Island (130, 71, 2012). Touch down at the landing point and you immediately expect to see Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman on the set of the movie. Simply stated, the American historical romantic movie comes to life with a lot of hard work.

Snapshot_006I wish I could capture the sound of the 1942 plane’s propeller after landing on the Moroccan airstrip or show you how the sand chokes the air as it drifts across the pavement.

A short walk down the airstrip leads you to the Casablanca Acro-gare where a lone Hataru Motors 1931 Harold is parked. Photographers are impatiently stationed at the gates of the Hollywood set waiting for the celebrities to disembark the Lockland built Air France jetliner. Bergman’s luggage has already been carried out of the plane and awaits her assistant’s attention.

Snapshot_008Follow the cobblestone street leading to Rick’s bar. Here you’ll find the movie set’s facade representing what Casablanca might have been like.

Snapshot_010A calming social setting provides an extension to the movie set. A fountain creates balance in the center of the open air patio. High walls separate builds, but offer no privacy. Moroccan seating surrounds a small octagon table graced with a Moroccan tea service. Just one sip of the regional tea and I move on to Rick’s Cafe. So much to explore here in terms of architectural design and the details that give form to an icon setting. Two period cars flank the facade. Wrought iron is perfectly fitted to form the double door entrance. A short flight of red carpeted stairs leads you toward the center door.


Snapshot_013On the right, you’ll find the hat check area through the triple arched wall. A Josette settee provides comfortable seating before the actors are led to their tables. The rustic round rug is perfectly coordinated with the maroon walls. To the left of the hat and coat check door are two trays of liquor and a mother and baby elephant statues rest on the Moroccan cabinet top.


Beyond the counter is a framed promotional movie poster above a Moorish sideboard. Two Asian cabinets are on each side. A period telephone is ready for reservations and there is no sign of the coat check girl.


A scarlet Macaw rests on its tall perch near the circular stairway and manager’s office. The inner entrance way to the nightclub is small, but decorative. The focal point is clearly the golden double doors leading to the lounge.


Within the lounge are numerous sitting areas. All inviting you to enjoy time spent with friends. There’s a wonderful bar with an adorable monkey. Careful, not sure if he lifts wallets. The entertainment area has the memorable piano and you can imagine the tunes playing late at night with wisps of cigarette smoke trailing upward.


Love the period furniture and the ambience.

Snapshot_018Bistro tables are covered with red tablecloths, toped with a lantern.


A gambling table features two games of chance. A decorative mirror rises above a narrow, triple drawer table. Liquor rests upon it. Several sitting areas allow the curious and spies to watch the games being played.


The center back wall has movie photographs, a print, and an open cabinet with lanterns. Rick’s Cafe logo is featured along with a lovely potted palm.

Check it out when you can. Quite a special place.

–Netera Landar