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theory-10-1_015ryanlerch-decorative-letter-set-10FIRST LEARNED about Phillip Talisman’s upscale furniture while searching for coffee shops. After teleporting to several, I learned about Dagger Bay. While the majority of the sim is privately owned, I found that non-residents were invited to sit down on the white slip-covered couch up against the black polka dotted pillows. Here I found a number of items created by Philip through this THEORY product line. With one click on his profile, I landed in his store in Bay City. Clearly, he has an eclectic selection representing retro chic to Antique, Rustic and Country French. When he agreed to an interview, I was eager to learn not only what brought him to Second Life, but what inspired him to create his furniture and accessories. It was Saturday night, Bay City was veiled in a quiet cloak and so we sat back and talked.

Phillip explained that like numerous other users, he began playing in another virtual world. In Utherverse, he designs clothing, hair and avatars. Curiosity led him to Second Life in the fall of 2012. For the first year, he enjoyed the social aspect of the game and did not focus on content creation.

“While doing that, I learned to create the things I needed or wanted for my homes,” he said. “It’s amazing how it has all evolved just in the short time I’ve been on. I started with prims and learned more about mesh as I went along. I still love working with prims. It still has a real look in some applications. Mesh has been wonderful for minimizing land impact.”

Phillip opened his first store late in 2014. After several locations, he opened a small gallery on the very western edge of Bay City. He began creating tables, plants, artwork of an eclectic nature. He admits that he will continue with furniture as he loves decorative objects as well as adding dramatic lighting and depth to his vignettes. He feels that providing a contemporary flair is a must. Decor needs to feel up-to-date, he said, and he tends to create things that he enjoys in real life. He’s been at his current location in Bay City for the last six months.

“Some of these objects are replicas of an object in my real home,” he said, adding that he resides in Alabama. “My family had a furniture business associated with design and interiors. So it comes natural to me. It comes from what I’ve learned from the business and I have very talented friends here who really inspire me,” he admitted.

Phillip has a mailing list kiosk next to the entrance so patrons do not have to use one of their precious limited slots.

Asked what his most popular selling objects were, he replied, case pieces and lamps. Lighting brings everything to life and it’s essential for any great space, said Phillip.

“I am almost always working on something. An idea or improving what I’ve made previously,” said Phillip. “I’m currently working on a stereo system. I have a few details to finish up on it. I do keep a workspace. I have platforms where I might need wide camera angles, but I also have workrooms here in Bay City.”

Philip may take business seriously, but he always remembers that it’s also a gaming experience and the goal is for everyone to help each other have a wonderful time on Second Life.

Below is a sampling of his store THEORY – Bay City – Molesworth.


Chinese Chippendale, Bonsai in pot, Oxblood vase, Chinoiserie Secretary, Water Lilies oil painting, bronze Budha, potted tree.


Framed Engraving 1 & 2, Bronze Garland Lamp, Louis VI Black Chest with Marble Top, Tall Bonsai, Louis Black Chest with Bail Pull.


Pine Cupboard with Vintage Yellow Ware Bowls, Architectural Print Candlesticks, Dough Bowl, Pine Farm Table, Candles in Wicker Tray, Wicker Trunk.


Framed Caucasus Rug, Pot of White Flowers, French Ormolu Photo Frame, Rococo Photo Frame and Directoire Buffet.



Contemporary Display Case, Super Hero Print, Old Wooden Finial Gray, English Chest on Barley Twist Legs, Talisman Cane back chair.


Embossed Metal Art Pacific, Blue and White Porcelain Lamp, Porcelain Pot of White Flowers, Dagger Bay Sideboard, Dagger Bay Sideboard four drawer, Chipped Blue and White Vase, Boxwood Tree in Terracotta Pot, Antique French Wine Cask Set.



Do you have an Unforgettable store? IM me and tell me about it.

–Netera Landar