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Tony Lerner encore all saint's ballroom_009

All Saint’s Ballroom is spacious, unique and frequently attended.


Real life family responsibilities and more work have navigated me away from virtual world exploration. Though I do manage to sneak away to SL and other grids that offer beautiful landscapes, wonderful entertainment, friendship and more.

Encore Escape is one of a handful of virtual worlds that I’ve booted up. What I’m looking for is a sense of community, like a small town, where everyone knows your name. Where people respect their fellow residents. And land doesn’t cost a week’s worth of your real life paycheck.

One world that I found that deserves your virtual attention is ENCORE ESCAPE. Now, if you know Potlatch Fogarty you have some idea what you’re dealing with. He’s one of ten owners devoting their free time to creating a world they can be proud of.

I hope to take pictures of some of the open sim worlds. For now, I’ll introduce you to Encore. Do find the time to check out the rental community. Island homes are only 250GBs a week for 2,500 prims. (Encore Rental Office, Tropical Rental (537, 597, 21)

Encore in the building stages. Everything is well thought out and they are open to suggestions. The above photo of All Saint’s Ballroom shows you the detail of their formal venue.


Upper tier of All Saint’s Ballroom.

Sunday night, after Melody McDonnell’s performance Tony Learner took the stage. Actually had me blushing with the song he dedicated to me.

Enjoying the songs.

Ms. Ember was attended dressed in a beautiful gown.

Don’t they look great together?



News is that George Mureaux is opening a venue on Genesis soon. Will keep you posted. He’s dancing with Mystree who works in the Entertainment dept.