Unforgettable #Five
(note: please see the in-world magazine for more photographs)

Special Sponsor Katya Dirval of WRE

SL Botanical Garden: Isablan Neva Builds Out of Love by Netera Landar

The Funkalicious Dexter Ihnen by Netera Landar

Expanding Virtual Roots: Morgue McMillan-Shoreland by Netera Landar

Endearing & Enduring: Sweethearts by Sita Writer

Wrapping Form in Emotion: Kage Stratten by Netera Landar

Netera Landar  Letter from the Editor:

With it comes an up-close interview with the woman behind the exotic landscape of SL Botanical Garden. Isablan Neva’s natural terrain was created for exploration and features the best elements a virtual environment can offer.

Award-winning songwriter, performer, music producer and sound engineer, Dexter Ihnen knows a thing or two about performing. He’s been on stage since he was five and danced on National UK TV, by the time he was a teenager. Dexter presents a show based on Live Guitar and vocal that features mainly original material, but also showcases adaptations of an array of covers and classics.

Those who follow Second Life’s poetry circles may know Morgue McMillan-Shoreland, a German poet well known here. She’s been published in various literary magazines and has been inspired by social issues, mythology, spirituality and relationships.

Sweethearts is a central gathering place, part of the dating scene, where many happy couples first meet. Shannon and Blake own the comfortable venue and truly care about their patrons.

Kage Stratten is a real-life sculptor, painter, musician, and poet with over 20 years’ professional experience in creative design and the arts. He is also the co-owner of a lovely Italian-themed art sim named Lyrica. Kage has a heart of gold and a natural talent to create virtual sculptures with true meaning and grace.

A note of appreciation is extended to WRE, which manages over 500 islands in Second Life. The real estate company’s continued sponsorship is helping pave the way to future issues of this informative publication.


Dedicated to “unforgettable” people who bring a little joy into our lives through art, writing, and entertainment, the best and brightest are featured. With a talented, experienced staff, we:
• interview both those new to the SL scene, and established
• balance reviews between the performing and the visual arts.
• highlight the leaders and originals
• explore insights into this created international culture

See Issue #OneIssue #Two,  Issue #3 and  Issue #4 for more features and profiles.

For more information, please contact Netera Landar, Editor-in-Chief, neteralandar.gmail.com


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