Special Sponsor: WRE


Being a landowner is a reachable dream—with WRE it’s more than possible. The Second Life® real estate company manages 500 islands. Sims are divided into four to twenty properties.

“We try to cover the basic themes on our parceled sims, such as tropical sand or grassy areas. We also offer adult rated parcels. On our full rentals we offer the opportunity to select a theme or the current set up. We usually have different ones to choose from. If people want more detail, we have personal landscaping for a fee,” explained Katya Dirval, owner of WRE.

Another WRE option is sub-leasing islands to create rental properties.

WRE clients benefit from low prices, great service and the reliability for your home or business that only few on SL can offer. According to Katya, these are the settled top estates that can take a beating during the rough economic times in Second Life.

“We try to cover 24/7 with our service,” Katya explained. “Anything someone can possibly need on his or her land is included.”

WRE is proud to admit that it has a long-term customer base. While some people come and go in this virtual world, the company has a strong steady core group of regular clients and a devoted staff is available to assist them. Many staff members have taken part in the evolution of the company.

Honesty and loyalty are a central element in WRE’s mission.

“It gets tougher and tougher for beginning estate companies to keep their head up and the amount of scams of sinking estate companies seems to increase before they abandon ship. Unfortunately, we have to deal with this a lot lately as we reclaim their unpaid sims. The increase of sims going off the grid seems to be slowing down though, so hopefully any over-supply will be gone soon which should make it easier again for everyone to get their land rented or rent without losing their land because another landlord/lady disappeared after cutting their losses.”

With the summer, there might be an increase again with regions being returned and some estates sinking as SL is going quiet for a few months, Katya expressed.

Come fall and winter, more people will be looking for SL’s art, music and social networking opportunities. So IM Katya and learn what WRE can do for you and your SL dream. —NL

See Issue #OneIssue #Two,  Issue #3 and  Issue #4 for more features and profiles.

For more information, please contact Netera Landar, Editor-in-Chief, neteralandar.gmail.com


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