Wrapping Form in Emotion Kage Stratten

by Netera Landar
(note: please see the in-world magazine for more photographs)


An elegant Black and White Masquerade Ball was hosted in the Grand Exhibition Hall at The Rose Theatre Gallery on Saturday, July 13. The event was held to draw attention

to the symbolic sculptures envisioned, crafted, and presented by Kage Stratten, the owner of the Italian-themed art sim, Lyrica.

The artist’s reception was formal and featured pianist and singer Zachh Cale. The theater’s own butler attended to guests offering the finest bottle of champagne. Goblets were filled and all toasted Kage’s life-like creations. There was no denying the timeless, mythical or contemporary appeal the liquid metal sculptures presented.

The man behind the art is a real-life sculptor, painter, musician, and poet with over 20 years’ professional experience in creative design and the arts. Kage was awarded the Mozart Scholarship in 1986 to attend a university as a film score composer. He studied sculpture and painting and combined these efforts throughout the next several years holding private and public performances, exhibitions, and collaborative works in galleries and performance spaces in Paris, London, New York, Boston, San Francisco and other known centers of art. Originally under the name of Emile Sands, he came to Second Life® to learn about the freedom and opportunity of virtual space in developing new creative visions.

While working on a design project in his Manhattan studio in 2009, Kage suffered a heart attack. He now was unable to continue his love of sculpting marble as he had done before.

“In a sense, my health issues took away my sculpting arm and left me feeling diminished as an artist,” explained Kage. “With the advent of Mesh in SL, learning the sculpting features of programs like Maya and Blender, I feel as though I have been given back my ability to sculpt and have been thrilled with the results.”

The results are beautiful, unique and noteworthy. In July, his series of sculptures representing realistic classical human forms, in both fantasy and contemporary poses, symbolize respect of nature, our ability to be fully immersed in prose, how relationships allow us to live fully and how death is a constant reminder of our mortality. The liquid metal sculptures appear smooth and solid. They need no shadow or second texture to define their form. They are slender, true to form, elegant, wrapped in emotion.

“Born of Inspiration” speaks to me about respect for magic or nature. Kage leaves the form of the creature taking flight up to your imagination. The magical being allowing its freedom appears to be a Fae male and sincerely appreciates the cycle of life.

Totally wrapped up in her chosen book is the young woman “Reading in the Garden.” She is graceful in stance. Even naked, one senses she is from a past era because of her feminine qualities.

“Lift me up,” shows the depth of a relationship where a friend or partner lends his wisdom, courage or shares his inner strength with the one he loves.

“Love in the Mirror,” could mean several things: when the time is right you will meet your soulmate, or one is the reflection of the other. Or, perhaps, it means both.

Kage’s sculptures are on permanent exhibition on his home sim, Lyrica 128.128.32. They were being exhibited and sold at The Rose Theatre Gallery in July. Private commissions can be viewed on the stage of Rhi’s Poem, Mai Tai 45.211.30 also found at The Woods of Marathon Caye, Marathon Caye 204.119.22. Kage’s most highly-acclaimed work, “The Journey to Myself” can be seen on permanent exhibition in the Raglan Shire sims at Morningshire 10.89.21.

See Issue #OneIssue #Two,  Issue #3 and  Issue #4 for more features and profiles.

For more information, please contact Netera Landar, Editor-in-Chief, neteralandar.gmail.com


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