The Rose Theater Galleries: One Experience from Two Views

Art is to be experienced, not understood.” – Arubua DeCuir, SL artist.

Rose Galleries

Enter Angel Manor and be drawn into its beauty so naturally, that you’ll believe it’s real. Those who appreciate art need only explore here. Exhibitions change monthly, and it is the perfect place to wander, get lost, and be inspired! Both Netera Landar and Eleanor Medier visit the eight galleries, and although they both saw same shows, each came away with very different responses!

Rose Theater Galleries Transformations and Illusions by Netera Landar

Begin your venture into the creative perspective of Second Life® artists by starting with Gallery 8. Discover the work of Megan Prumier. This wing of Rose Galleries is bathed in earth tones, with dark wood flooring, trimmed in white intricate crown molding. The very first picture exhibited earns the title Unforgettable! “Crimarizon 4” beams with light, as if peaking through thick canopies of a magical tapestry. The setting is so inviting that you want to lie upon the golden blossoms. But beauty can also veil danger.

rose galleriesPrumier pulls you emotionally into her fanciful settings. Nowhere is this better shown than in “Post Apocalypse” that stands as a triangular piller in the gallery center. Whether she intentionally chose the brown-toned landscapes to blend with the walls, Prumier has an eye for detail, light and perspective. Even here in a virtual world, real world elements are visible to a trained eye.Her intriguing fusion draws you into finding escape in her intricate settings.

rose galleriesOn the lower level, Kylie Sabra regularly presents a mix of surreal and beauty. I stand before an image within an image, entitled, “Ship of Dreams”. I envision two possible scenes; one is a ship lost in time (or perhaps traveling in a fantasy world). Another is the end of a voyager’s dream. The orange sky could signify warfare or an imaginary skyscape. Whichever, there is a sense danger and those on board are alone in a vast, turbulent frontier. “Lonely Winter” doesn’t signify a season to me. I see a central figure with a veil over her face, frustrated and alone. She is overwhelmed by something more powerful. “Curious” seems to say: though we are cast in one society, with beauty being our forever goal, a part of our soul’s desire is hidden. Never surfacing, ever present, there is another side to who we are.

rose theater galleriesMoving through one gallery to another, I was lured into Faith Maxwell’s exhibit. “With Child” is precious. Faith captures the tenderness of a mother with a child, but this mother is a mermaid. Using blue tones, instead of the fantasy image of green, seems so much more natural. “Beyond Acqua”  is a playful multi-dimensional piece where the fish are static, but separate from their environment. Intriguing and must be experienced!

An exceptional portrait is positioned in the stairway. The child’s smile and big brown eyes whisper of playfulness, youthful beauty, and innocence—adorable! Nalivru Urivilan loves to sketch. His passion include the portrait and the nude. Look for “Jeune Fille au Long Cheveux” on the wall by the stairs.

Determined to find the Darkmatter-Clawtooth exhibit, I love everything paranormal. I was immediately drawn to “Kiss in the Moonlight,” featuring image upon image. The blue tinted figures of a vampire and the mortal woman he loves could easily grace the cover of a romance novel. The blue tint of the main image seems to symbolize death, and yet romance heats up the picture. Look closely to see a full moon on the base of the vampire’s neck. The gray cloak of night merges, as if one with the blue tinted image.

rose galleriesThe gallery wing is gothic itself. Orange and brown chess board tile under your feet, brown stone walls, arched doors. The shadow of the trees on the floor is brilliant! “Souless” presents a shadowy forest and an old world door. In between both settings is a lost beautiful soul. Beyond the skull-topped doors is a cemetery featuring more art. Venture if you dare! [Eleanor Medier dares! Read her review of the show below.]

Rose Theater Galleries: The Medium of SL by Eleanor Medier

The virtual world proves that when arts group together in a cultural center—they reinforce one another. The Rose Galleries exemplify how arts audiences are flexible and curious. Although starting at first as a furniture business, then a theater, then offering a library, and evolving into the visual, the presentation is first class. On the first floor in a winding path and then on the second floor, up a grand staircase, the offerings never disappoint.

Because this is a series of shows, the variety ignites every flavor of imagination. From fantasy to realistic, from abstract to installation, the formal gallery rooms can be transformed into encompassing environments. In fact, this space cries out for transformation! Just importing a two dimensional piece into SL and hanging it on a wall really misses the point of being in a virtual world. The most compelling artists use SL as a medium, and create an environment not possible in RL. And the viewer, too, is transformed by a banquet of artistic excellence.

rose galleries

A Halloween ambiance is completely absorbing with the installation of Loxxy Darkmatter-Clawtooth. He blends the real, the unreal, the dead, and the undead! With the expected traditional two dimensional photoshopped collages, Clawtooth simply takes such technique as a jumping-off point.What intrigues most are the rooms of graves—each a portrait of its occupant. Step through the translucent entrance, become absorbed in mysterious darkness. Meander along the memorials that present lives once lived and allow the creepiness to seep in. Get lost amongst the gnarled trees, limitless dark—be captivated by twinkling stars. Forget about the real virtual world left behind!

rose galleries

Demetrius Braveheart (Gallery 3) makes a valiant attempt at bringing the 2D traditional artwork (albeit with whimsy and unique skill) into the 3D virtual world. The room textures are complementary to his strikingly satirical black and white images. Powerful in their portrayals, the characters and fanciful settings are in sharp contrast to the look and feel of SL. If he could integrate the inherent dimensionality as opportunity, he too, could transform the viewing experience and bring greater depth and integrity to his presentation.

rose galleries

Although Jacks Rhys’s work is a mixed bag, exhibits like his beg for internal comparison due to their variety. Which series is the strongest? This question happens,  rather than to take in the body of work as a complete statement of exploration. Sometimes feedback is the very push needed off the fence of ambivalence.

Representations based on circle/spheres are a balancing axis of this varied show. In one corner, two-dimensional works set a backdrop of powerful geometry. In the abstract-expressionist tradition, they seem preliminary to the more original sculptures: Running Through My Head and Watching Original. These have strong overall structures that stage their intricate progressions.

rose galleries

This installation is so surprising, that it held up the publishing of this magazine. As a new piece for the November show, it is stunning, and had to be included!! Although it really can only be experienced, even the photographs express its wonder. Suddenly, being immersed in the world of Alice in Wonderland, with all of its bizarre scalings, mix of animated objects, and fanciful environment, uses SL at its best. Kylie Sabra outdid herself this time!

rose galleries

Presenting interactivity is one of Rose Galleries’ strengths. Another exhibit by Dulcis Taurog (Gallery 4) offers a skyline created from crystals—a stunning abstraction of the familiar titled “Glass Mountain.” A previous show allowed visitors to crush grapes within a recreated glimpse of farm life. Other past exhibits allowed visitors to even get inside the works, becoming part of the art itself.

When between busy cyber activities, The Rose Theater’s series of eight galleries is a perfect respite—even escape, while seeing the world through new eyes. It is like a visual picnic, and represents the intermingling of audiences in one of the most beautiful settings in SL! Anyone who can see will find a visit here not only unforgettable, but transformative.

To see the full issue as it is originally published with more photographs and graphics, please download Unforgettable #1. For more information, please contact Netera Landar, Editor-in-Chief,


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