Eldorado with Sonatta Morales

Let the Good Times Roll at the Eldorado with Sonatta Morales By Sita Writer


The only place to experience the wild and wicked Weimar era is in the libertine city of Second Life® Berlin.

During the Weimar era, that lasted from 1918 through the early 1930’s, Berlin, for the first time, could legitimately claim to be a world cultural center. The city was obsessed with the arts, caught up in séances, striptease, burlesque, and transvestite balls. The capital of the newest democracy, Berlin was home to the most emancipated women anywhere. Fritz Lang made “Metropolis,” Thomas Mann wrote “The Magic Mountain.” Otto Dix painted himself into art history; and Marlene Dietrich had her breakthrough role in “Der Blaue Engel.”

A visit to the Eldorado, faithfully recreated, perfectly captures this time period, within the backdrop of the vintage role-play sim of 1920’s Berlin. Historically, the club featured regular performances by the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Claire Waldoff and the Weintraub Syncopators. It was widely known to be a regular venue for transvestites and transsexuals.

The SL club hosts cabaret performances by the one-and-only Sonatta Morales.

The Eldorado belongs to Berlin, I don’t like to call myself ‘the owner.’ I’m here to keep it alive and bubbly. I can be a performer or a hostess, it really doesn’t matter. My goal is to throw a big party every Saturday and have fun. Good 1920’s style wild fun! Berlin at that time was an incredibly busy cultural centre with a liberated nightlife; cabarets were everywhere and the focus of their entertainment. Performers flocked to Berlin, the real Eldorado made history, and I keep that history alive.”

Sonatta Morales, hostess, dancer, and designer of the best period fashions in SL, invited me to her cabaret show at the Eldorado. I have been hooked on the shows and vintage-styled clothes ever since. She has become the light and inspiration of the Eldorado with a 1920’s style that is beyond fun.


Since the beginning of Berlin, sim owner, Jo Yardley had plans to build the famous German gay cabaret. As the sim matured, Jo created a perfect replica of the famous facade and asked Sonatta to take care of it.

Standing in the Eldorado, I am wearing my new 20’s dress called “Seduction” by Sonatta Morales. The dress is royal purple embellished with artfully placed beading in the form of a peacock. The look is perfectly accented with a gold headdress, replete with peacock feathers that dangle seductively. Looking around, I see more of Sonatta’s dresses. Not to be missed is the soft salmon color of a chemise, styled with a luminous overlay of white silk that is accented with colored beads. The dress, called “Aera,” is as romantic as thesky at sunset. It has a drop waist and strategically placed feathers. A matching fan and architecturally-styled headband are iconic of the period.  “Chat Noir” is a 20’s classic. This is a simple black dress, embellished by a gleaming emerald and diamond pendant at the waist, and belled sleeves. The turban has a single swirling feather, and comes with a choice of sassy hair color with curls.

The facade of the Eldorado is an astoundingly authentic build. Inside, the house lights are dim and recessed into an intricate ceiling. Tables and chairs are scattered around the dance floor. A piano dominates a quiet—or not so quiet—corner, and the balcony overlooks a crimson curtain that opens to reveal the stage. It is delightful to see a myriad array of period outfits and the devil-may-care-attitude of the patrons as they banter, preen, and flirt. In the real life 1920’s, everyone knew cabaret dancer Anita Berber.

In SL, Sonatta is well known for her highly-anticipated shows every Saturday at 2 SLT.  Between her performances and decadent costumes, patrons are delighted week after week.

My shows aren’t exactly burlesque. They do have a touch of it, but in the 1920’s, the cabaret stage was much more variety and vaudeville than stripping and teasing. I’m inspired by the luxury and visual richness of the old cabaret acts, with their flamboyant costumes and sets. With a strong visual impact, my shows are all about the eyes and the music. The real Eldorado was a gay place after all. I like to pick a trivial theme like a spider hiding behind a light bulb, and turn it into something spectacular.”

The fabulous DJ Myron Byron provides the perfect music for the shows and the dance floor. Then there is the petri dish of naughtiness and fun… Max at the piano.

I love when we have all the Revue girls on stage.  Our ‘Around the World’ in 80 Beauties Revue was a tremendous success.”

Sonatta’s shows are always an artful delight with elements of an intimate “underground” dance revue.

Cabaret is a sensual experience with a changing cast of dancers, phantasmagorical sets, and fabulous costumes. “My idea of a good cabaret show is something that puts together a bit of sauciness with a bit of dream. It’s something to be seen, to fill your eyes and tease your senses,” Sonatta says with a mischievous smile.

Don’t miss the party! Dress to impress in the 1920’s styles… Sonata makes it hard to just choose one!

In addition to the Eldorado, Sonatta just opened a fabulous new shop. Her fashions are displayed amid five floors of Art Deco splendor. “My new main shop in Vintage Retro is a great place,” she enthused. “The former main shop got a bit small for my plans. The new one has a library for lectures, and dedicated jewelry area. And space for new things to come.

Not to be missed, especially if you want to step out in period style, is a special area in the new shop. “This new collection is called ‘Top Secret,’ and has more than 20’s outfits. I made something for each decade, from the 1900’s to the 1920’s.


For more information, please contact Netera Landar, Editor-in-Chief, neteralandar.gmail.com.

See the issue as it first ran in the virtual world release of Unforgettable #3 (download PDF) with more graphics and photographs. See Issue #One and Issue #Two for more features and profiles.


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  1. Nice article… Captures the spirit and essence of Eldorado!!!

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