Unforgettable #Two:

The Blue Bandito: Arimo Teixeira: by Netera Landar

Felona & Sorona: Squonk Levenque and Miuccia Klaar: by Mozart Loordes

All about the Music! Music Island: by Doc Jishnu

Blue Angel Poets’ Dive: by Netera Landar

Njeri and the Women of Kenya: by Netera Landar

Tuna In… Tuna Out with the Wizard of Odd: by Sita Writer

Artist of Ambience: Aruba DeCuir: by Netera Landar and Eleanor Medier

Netera Landar  Letter from the Editor:

Welcome to the second issue of Unforgettable Magazine. It’s time to meet the staff. Learn what kindles their imagination and is rewarded with appreciation. Above all, originality is the key element.

Mozart Loordes invites you to explore the creative vision of Squonk Levenque and Miuccia Klaar and their heart-shaped island of Felona and Sorona. One half focuses on positive emotions while the other expresses challenges. It is an adventure that leads you to see beyond the objects to the carefully presented messages.

Doc Jishnu’s interview with Kate Miranda reveals that the true star of the simple Music Island venue is the musician. She presents original songwriters, multi-media artists, and non-danceable music that has a hard time finding a home.

Sita Writer portrays how the Blue Angel Poets’ Dive is a Second Life® icon. Persephone Phoenix tells about one of the longest running venues devoted to the written word.

Aruba DeCuir creates a lovely inviting landscape that speaks of nature’s beauty. The chateau and small buildings feature her prints, furniture, home accents, and more.

Njeri Soir’s exhibit of the Women of Kenya shares the hardships, strength, and spirit of courageous women. It reminds that not all women live with equality and face constant challenge.

Please enjoy! We welcome your comments, ideas for articles, and invite advertising.

—Netera Landar

Dedicated to “unforgettable” people who bring a little joy into our lives through art, writing, and entertainment, the best and brightest are featured. With a talented, experienced staff, we:

• interview both those new to the SL scene, and established
• balance reviews between the performing and the visual arts.
• highlight the leaders and originals
• explore insights into this created international culture

To see the full issue as it is originally published with more photographs and graphics, please download Unforgettable #2. For more information, please contact Netera Landar, Editor-in-Chief, neteralandar.gmail.com


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