Tuna In… Tuna Out with the Wizard of Odd


Tuna In… Tuna Out with the Wizard of Odd

by Sita Writer

Tuna Oddfellow is the ultimate Second Life® entertainer. His shows are so awe-inspiring that he won a $3,750 US prize (roughly $1million lindens) for his participation in NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” in-world contest. And, he is the proud recipient of the “Best of Boston” award  by the Society of American Magicians.

Known as “Fish the Magish” in real life, Oddfellow has performed at a wide range of events, pleasing both young and old for over thirty years.

In SL, Oddfellow has entertained residents for over seven years. His “Odd Balls” are held at Oddfellow Studios Sunday at noon, and Monday at 7 p.m., both SLT.  Learn about the “Tunaverse” by joining his group.

Events are therapeutically addictive. His shows mesmerize residents with textures and images in dazzling Technicolor “magic.” Shows are a cornucopia of special effects perfectly synced with music. He claims that the oddball experience produces a mild euphoric state in some people–that it is oddly relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Few would argue this premise.

Dancing inside Tuna’s hypercube, life pulsates all around with the most insanely beautiful and busy textures …expect the unexpected and enjoy it! The crowd is intelligent, friendly, and exotically, exotically strange—reminiscent of the bar in Star Wars, only eons better!

It’s always a special treat when Oddfellow holds an impromptu event.

To create this unworldly environment, mega prims are loaded into a wearable hypercube and layered; some are transparent some are partially transparent… the effects glow…it’s like being fully surrounded by a musically ambient kaleidoscope – and so much more. Tuna continually evolves and perfects this process, and he never disappoints.

For shoppers, Oddfellow offers an astounding selection of unisex clothes—unless otherwise indicated. The textures and style are unforgettable. Oddfellow’s goal is for people to forget they are in a chair behind a computer… to forget the boundaries. For Oddfellow, this is the very definition of what virtual reality should be…not simply a chat with graphics, rather something that makes people feel different. Best of all, his perfectly crafted presentations are not only fun, but also “oddly” therapeutic.


To see the full issue as it is originally published with all photographs and graphics, please download Unforgettable #2. For more information, please contact Netera Landar, Editor-in-Chief, neteralandar.gmail.com.

See Issue #One for more features and profiles.


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