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Above is a wonderful Winter Wonderland on Blue Curacao. Be sure to wear a coat. Below is our beautiful host Graine Macbain of Riverside Cafe. The third picture is of DJ Sabia Innovia who entertained before musician Winston Ackland was handed the microphone. Next is Fritter Enzyme who offered non- alcoholic drinks and seconds. Below him is Santa ready to give out holiday gifts. Then two of Graine’s guests enjoy Winston’s set.


Riverside Cafe_006A Winter Wonderland awaited those who attended Riverside Cafe’s Special Christmas Holiday Music Festival which runs Dec. 12-14 on Blue Curacao. Dressed in an adorable Christmas dress, sexy red boots and all, Graine Macbain greeted her guests. I arrived mid- point of DJ Sabia Innovia’s set.
She played instrumental and choral Christmas and Hanukkah music for those that gathered. Fritter Enzyme served hot beverages as the snow fell on the special music sim. Winston Ackland performed in front of the snow-covered gazebo. In the distance, Santa sat back in his chair awaiting the sim’s visitors and Evergreens held heavy coats of snow and twinkled with Christmas lights.

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Don’t miss out on the weekend’s events. Below is the remainder of the schedule:

Saturday, December 13
8 AM Gandalf Mornington
9 AM Harmonia Trefoil
11 AM Thunderfoot Lorefield
12 PM Dilah Halostar-Freund
1 PM DJ Cynthia Maine
2 PM Joaquin Gustav
3 PM Clay Harsley
4 PM Rocky Toocool

Sunday, December 14
8 AM Soundsmith Kamachi
9 AM Raglanshire Tiny carolers
10 AM Samm Qendra
11 AM Melodee McDonnell
12 PM CECI Dover
1 PM Rose Skupik
2 PM Tip Corbett
3 PM Ichie Kamachi
6 PM Phillip Moura



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