In real life, I’m a paranormal, science fiction and time travel author. When Halloween creeps into our lives, one claw at a time, I’m ready for adventure. Not the type where gifts are hidden on themed hunts. No, I’m talking about the sensory explorations where settings summon your courage, dare you to peek in dreary dark corners, and anything moving, sensed only by your peripheral vision, desires your light for its eternal demands.


I struck paranormal gold when I landed at FALLEN’S HAUNTING – Haunted House and Cemetery—Shys Market Villa (230, 239, 1201)—This impressive gloomy setting is complete with an old haunted house right out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The family cemetery is quite animated.

The storyteller in me perceives a family that summoned something dark and deadly that murdered them and left their child. This haunted presentation, arranged by Missdemeanor Fallen, clearly warns of the dangers of curiosity going over the edge. Asked why she features a haunted house, Missdemeanor replied, “I do it simply because I love Halloween. It’s my Christmas.” She’s pictured with her partner, fisheyes Maruti.

Snapshot_016Alexander Destiny and I chose a late night for our tour in Miss Fallen’s virtual domain. We reached for our antique lantern and accepted the SL Top Haunted Places Tour & Hunt notecard for 2015. Then we were ready to experience the simulated setting.

Laughter follows every cautious step we made. An eerie playground would appear unused, but we looked closer and saw who was on the spinning merry-go-round. Love the forgotten Goth doll resting against a wooden park bench and how the lamplight draws attention to her.



A skeleton, with a top hat, greets you at the Victorian doors of the manor. Enter if you dare.


Scan the first and second level of the house to determine where your interests lie. Missdemeanor encourages you to enter the many rooms of the haunted house. Beware, there are three hidden rooms and one is closer than you think. There’s also a maze and pumpkin patch to check out. Don’t step on the Goth doll on the stairs and look for the levitated books and floating doll close by. Enter the kitchen with caution, the chef hasn’t been paid in a hundred years and he’s ready to report it to the ghoul union. I found Dad dead. Not telling you were. You’re sure to find him.


Proceed up the stairs and you’ll find a portrait of the family’s ancestor or the new owner of the house considering the homeowners have check out….of life. The lit candles act as a memorial to her, while the shades of gray Victorian wallpaper also have shades of newly spilled blood. Checking my neck…

I don’t know about you, but when someone writes “GET OUT!” in big letters on the wall and a dark spirit raises out of a pentagram, I usually get the hell out of there.

Snapshot_013I followed the voice to the children’s bedroom and sadly witnessed the evidence to what happened to her. Remember, storylines are a matter of perspective. The child could have been possessed and ended the lives of her parents or the dark spirit could have had an opportunity to flee the darkest empire doing a good deed to earn his ticket out of hell. He apparently was too late. Missdemeanor has given you the sensory details, you draft the story from your own perspective.


On your way out of the old haunted house, be careful you don’t lean too far in the old fashioned hearse. You might just be next in line for the Friday burial before sunset.




Now Let’s Talk Halloween Fashions

You’ll find elegant gowns at Paris Metro and Snowpaws if you’re going to a Second Life Masquerade Ball. If you desire something on the fun side, then teleport to Dressed by Lexi.

Dressed by Lexi (Sands dAlliez (100, 240, 2491)

I thought it would be helpful to direct you to a few of my favorite costumes. Go past the store to the courtyard where Lexi features her seasonal clothing. Two sexy numbers sure to please your partner are “Catnip,” which is a black mesh cat costume with a naughty neckline clear down to your waist. Slip on the boots, put on the mask, and apply the piercing (only 129L). There’s a “Kitten” costume that’s just as cute. A white body suit with little cat ears, a collar, belly button piercing, tail, boots, lace mask and whiskers (129L).



The “Immortal Bliss” outfit (99L) includes a long skirt, tight pants, and a vest halter that can be worn short or long. Omega appliers are available (30L), as well as Immortal Bliss Jewelry: a silver pendant with a black centered jewel on lace (75L) and makeup, eyes and fangs (75L).


Looking for something bewitching? Lexi has a hot gold dress that hugs your curves (99L). There’s even a witch hat. Add the necklace and gold heels and you’re ready to go.


How about a touch of humor with her Funny Bone Dress (75L). Pie Horn Rimmed Glasses (75L) Pearl Necklace (50L) and Omega Applier (30L).


Want to be a little “She Devil”? This costume is adorable (99L) as well as the Slink High Heels (99L).